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Ben's 7 Reactions to NFL Week 12

NFL Reactions

1 . The Eagles are good, but also very lucky.

The Eagles are winning games but are two receivers with a brain and hands away from being on a two game losing streak. Don’t call me a hater when this team lost to the Jets just a few weeks back. With their next two games against the 49ers and Cowboys, they will either drop one or both but still probably claim the top seed in the NFC. That luck might run out when the playoffs come around.

2. The Chargers season is over.

Ethan called this before the season even started. The Chargers are poorly coached and Ekeler has proven them right to not extend him as he has taken a significant step back. The Chargers are tied for the 2nd worst record in the AFC and with 4 divisional games left and a matchup with the Bills; It’s time to pack the bags.

3. The Panthers are the new Poverty Franchise.

The Panthers are making poor draft choices, bringing in aged out talent, and are now a rotating door for coaches. This is the quickest way for a team to get stuck in a rut and spin their wheels for years trying to get back to relevance.

4. The Patriots are starting a new era of being bottom feeders.

Patriots fans don’t want to hear it but it’s the truth. Bill isn’t sticking around much longer and there is nobody left to build around. Years of poor drafting has finally caught up with them and it will take years of rebuilding to fix the state this team is in. Not to mention they are in the AFC which is dominated with young stud QBs.

5. The Steelers have no chance in the playoffs.

The Steelers keep winning the ugliest games imaginable and a drug out 16-10 win isn’t going to happen in the loaded AFC. They have a negative point differential and Pickett has thrown 6 TDs all season. They may keep a wildcard game close-ish but have no chance in the postseason.

6. The Browns are in MAJOR trouble.

Yes, the Chiefs lost big to the Broncos too but there are two major differences. The Chiefs had just played them 2 weeks earlier to extend their 7 year winning streak and the Chiefs still have their starting QB. The Browns defense has been great but they’ve scored 12 and 13 points in the last two games. Someone needs to step up on this offense or they’re going to start falling fast.

7. The 2023 NFC South may be the worst division in NFL history.

The best team in this division may be a team that is one dimensional and only runs the ball because their QB will throw 2 INT on only 21 attempts. The Falcons are so easy to game plan for. The other three are even worse with the Panthers being the worst team in the entire league. Nobody from this division deserves to make the playoffs. Whoever wins the division gets to face either the Eagles or Cowboys in the Wildcard. Sayonara!

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