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Ben's 7 Reactions to NFL Week 3

NFL Week 3 Reactions

It's baaaaaack. The fan favorite article from Cooper Sports makes it's debut on! Ben gives 7 quick reactions to the previous week of NFL football and what it means for the league going forward.

1. The Dolphins are the team to beat in the AFC.

Their offense so far this season has been unstoppable. While they have some defensive concerns, they can afford to let up some points. They have a coach who takes risks and doesn’t abide by the bogus unspoken rules of football. The Broncos are lucky they didn’t put up 100.

2. The Jaguars are overhyped.

The Jaguars came into the season with talk of them capturing the top seed in the loaded AFC. A loss to KC didn’t mean a lot but a blowout loss to the Texans sure does. The Jaguars will bounce back and win the division but they are still far behind the big dogs of the AFC.

3. The Cowboys talent can’t overcome the Organization.

The Cowboys have an insane roster and it showed over the first two weeks. The loss to the Cardinals wasn’t a trap game. It was a completely unacceptable loss to one of the worst teams in football, showing deep organizational failure. Coaching is not getting them ready for the games and they are just coasting on their talent. That’s a great recipe for failure in the playoffs.

4. The NFC is wide open after the 49ers.

The NFC South winner could be anyone as well could the North outside of Chicago. There are plenty of very talented teams but the playoff seeding will come down largely to schedules and divisional play as there isn’t much separation from the teams in the middle.

5. The Titans are headed for a total rebuild.

The Titans got a surprising OT victory over the chargers and have been largely miserable in their other two games. This team's play style doesn’t hold up in today's league and they are entirely too old across the board. Their o-line and QB situation is dire and they’ll fight to stay out of the basement of the league.

6. The Eagles lines are unbeatable.

The Eagles offensive line and defensive line are just stacked with pro bowl caliber players. They say games are won and lost in the trenches and the Eagles aren’t losing many games this year. While they have looked a little out of sync on offense this year, they control every game they're in and should be the favorites in nearly every game they play.

7. The Vikings may be clearing house soon.

Ouch. The Vikings drop to 0-3 in front of their home fans in a game the Chargers gift wrapped for them. Justin Jefferson and TJ Hockenson aren’t enough to keep this team afloat. They have an atrocious defense and no run game this season. The Vikings are a few more losses away from shipping out Captain Kirk and canning their coaching staff.

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