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Ben's 7 Reactions to NFL Week 4

nfl reactions

7 Storylines from the NFL’s Week 4 action.

1. The Bears might not win a single game this year.

No, I’m not joking. At this point I would say the chances of them going winless are over 50%. They have an unbelievably easy schedule but this team looks like it has no hope. They probably start the firings within the next three weeks and don't be surprised to hear about the Bears shopping Fields close to the trade deadline. Stick a form in em.

2. It’s very likely Belichick's last season.

Bill loves this game, but hates this team. He’s neglected the offense for years and hates that they are bad for some reason. The team is too old and lacks talent at key positions. Bill has too much money and family at this stage of his life to deal with weekly headaches on top of losing. It’s an unceremonious end for one of the greatest coaches of all time.

3. The Eagles won’t make it to the NFC Championship.

Losing both coordinators has really hurt the Eagles. Sirianni showed his immaturity and lack of leadership, taunting the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, making his own QB keep him in check. They insist on splitting carries instead of letting Swift and that offensive line dominate the game. If the “Brotherly Shove” had been illegal this season, the Eagles would have multiple L’s at this point. This team is in trouble and the wins are masking the holes in a sinking ship.

4. The Texans found their next coach.

DeMeco Ryans has this team playing out of their minds. He has stacked multiple wins with a roster devoid of much talent. They have been looking for a leader since they parted ways with Bill O’Brien back in 2020. They have their guy and can start building a team again.

5. Falcons are nowhere close to playoff contenders.

Ridder is bad. Arthur Smith is bad. This team is bad. As a child, I was playing madden and my controller broke so I could only play the first three plays suggested to me. I was in a running only section so I couldn’t pass the ball. It was fun until the defense adjusted because I ran every play and then my team was dead. I made that story up but it is actually the script from every Falcons game plan. Smith doesn’t care about Fantasy or winning.

6. Bills will again be among the Regular Season Champions.

The Bills love winning in the regular season and after a rough start, it looks like that might continue. The Bills smoked the Dolphins like tuna steaks and will most likely beat most of the teams on their schedule going forward. That said, they are losing in the playoffs like they do every year. I don't know if it’s going to be in the wildcard round, divisional round, or at the Arrowhead Invitational; but it’s happening.

7. The Vikings were lucky last year, bad this year.

The Vikings nearly dropped to 0-4 against a Bryce Young led winless Panthers team. If they are having to grind through the mud against bad teams for wins they are in for a long season. The Vikings aren’t winning more than 8 games this season.

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