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Ben's 7 Reactions to NFL Week 6

week 6 nfl reactions

7 Storylines from the NFL’s Week 6 action.

1. The injuries this season are maddening.

With all the injuries this year, there has been little predictability to this season. Now more than ever, the teams that remain the healthiest will be the playoff teams. Right now, teams entire seasons are being sunk due to injuries.

2. The Eagles are in trouble.

The Eagles had been struggling. That struggle finally caught up with them. A large portion of their struggles have been coaching but Hurts himself hasn’t been looking sharp. This team is too good to continue playing so poorly.

3. The Patriots will not win over 5 games.

The Patriots are bad-bad. They have a tough schedule and the entire team looks out of sync. There are major offensive struggles and with the injuries to this defense, I don’t think they can beat many teams. This is a bottom 8 team in the league.

4. The Bengals are not Super Bowl contenders this season.

The Bengals manage to scrap back to 3-3 on the season but look like a shell of their former selves. This team is in serious danger of missing the playoffs entirely. If they do make it in, expect an early exit in the loaded AFC.

5. The Saints are dead in the water.

The Saints follow up a blow out/shutout game in New England with a fat L against the Texans. This team doesn’t even know if they are good or not. They have no identity and can’t be trusted in any context.

6. Lamar is not a playoff caliber QB.

The Ravens will look to be cruising to a big win and then the entire team will just stall. Lamar is not good at coming from behind to win as evident with his 7 comeback wins over 6 seasons. He needs the game to go according to their script. He turns the ball over and his difficulty sustaining drives results in lack of playoff success.

7. The Browns defense is for real.

The Browns were able to beat the 49ers with a backup QB. That is incredibly impressive. They have barely allowed 1k yards to offenses over the course of 5 games! That is just 200 total offensive yards per game!! They are playing insane and are live against any team until further notice.

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