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Ben's 7 Reactions to NFL Week 7

nfl week 7 reactions

7 Storylines from the NFL’s Week 7 action.

1. Jordan Love Isn’t the guy.

Love started the season on fire and after a loss to Denver, he seems to have lost that edge. The Packers are a solid team and need just competent QB play to win games. He is averaging over an INT a game and I don’t see the Packers making a long term investment in the young QB.

2. The Bills defensive injuries will cost them the division.

That was a terrible loss to a lowly Patriots team. While the offense has struggled, this defense is getting gashed. With a correct call in the Giants game, they would be 3-4 with losses to bad teams like the Jets, Giants, and Patriots. They have a lot of work to do before the playoffs.

3. The 49ers will either bully you or lose to you.

Back to back ugly losses in games they should have won. This pass defense has struggled and with quick passes, teams are able to minimize the pass rush. The 49ers are still one of the best teams in the league but if you play them tough, they are very beatable.

4. The Chiefs defense is a PROBLEM for the AFC.

The Chiefs typically have very close games against their divisional opponents. This season their defense has been smothering and they have won both games so far by double digits. This defense has yet to allow over 22 points this season and with Mahomes at QB, the Chiefs may have their best team yet.

5. It’s time to fire Ron Rivera.

It has been time to fire Rivera, but now you have to. If the Commanders were smart, they would fire Rivera now and see what Bienemy brings as a head coach in an attempt to light a fire. They have now had multiple unacceptable losses and look ill prepared each week. It’s time for him to go.

6. Fields is done in Chicago.

The Bears scored the second most points of the season with the samples guy from Costco at QB. Chicago should tank for Williams to restart their franchise. While doing so, they should keep Fields on the shelf so he can heal up and they can trade him. This was the season for him to prove last year wasn’t a fluke. He failed miserably.

7. The key to beating Detroit is to bury them early.

Detroit has a solid defense and run game but when the defense wanes, the entire team does as well. The Ravens went up early and forced the Lions to mainly throw the ball and the offense suffered. They play the field position battle well by running the ball. Detroit like the Falcons struggle when forced to play outside of their gameplan.

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