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Ben's 7 Reactions to NFL Week 9

NFL Week 9 Reactions

7 Storylines from the NFL’s Week 9 action.

1. The Dolphins are Frauds.

I still think the Dolphins are good and don’t put much stock into their recent loss to the defending Super Bowl Champions. I am becoming concerned that it seems they NEVER beat the other good teams in the league. They steamroll teams and put up 70 points but haven’t shown the ability to grind out a tough win vs a formidable foe.

2. The 2022 NY Giants were a fluke.

It’s hard to believe this team won a playoff game last season. DaBoll won Coach of the Year and now he can’t beat a bad Raiders team with an interim head coach. The Offensive line is trash, the weapons outside of Barkley are trash, the QB play has been trash, and the defense has mostly been garbage. Throw this team away.

3. The Jets offense would still be bad with Rodgers.

This offensive line is horrific. They aren’t protecting Wilson and aren't blocking for Hall. Rodgers isn’t as mobile as Wilson and he would be getting destroyed behind this line. While they have a great defense, this offense is soul sucking bad.

4. The Bills aren’t Super Bowl Contenders.

I’ve been banging this drum for a few weeks now. They got completely dominated by the Bengals and it never felt like they had a chance to get back into the game. Allen has been making too many mistakes this season and with no run game, they are completely one dimensional. The Bills could f%^& around and miss the playoffs this season.

5. The Seahawks need to look for a new QB this offseason.

The weapons on this team are WAY too good to be putting up the numbers they have been. Geno had a great run last season but old Geno has returned. He has limited the turnovers but his poor completion percentage and ability to extend drives are killing them.

6. Stroud is winning OROY over Puka Nacua.

Did you see Stroud threw for 6 Billion passing yards this week? Ok maybe not that many, but it felt like his receivers were playing against air. The Texans have an easy schedule thanks to their poor performance last season and Stroud could keep balling like he has. He had an epic comeback this week and with no expectations this season, the Texans are a dangerous team.

7. The Cowboys can’t win with Dak AND McCarthy.

Mike McCarthy is the coach version of Dak Prescott. Dak Prescott is the QB version of Mike McCarthy. While both are fine, they aren’t going to be able to get over the hump together. The Cowboys have a chance if they pair Prescott with a better coach or McCarthy with a better QB.

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