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Best NFL Preseason Bets 8/24

The last week of preseason is here, and we will be betting the regular NFL before you even know it! Instead of going through the full slate like I have the last two weeks, I am just going to go day by day. But before we get started, lets look at last week's recap:

PHI -4 ❌

CAR/NYG u39 ❌

CIN +6.5 ✅

JAX/DET o39.5 ❌

MIA +2 ✅


CHI/IND u40.5 ❌


ARI +7.5 ❌

NE/GB o36.5✅ & NE ML 🅿️

TEN -2.5 ✅

SF +4 ✅

LV/LAR o39.5 ✅

DAL/SEA u40.5 ✅

NO/LAC u37.5 ❌


Not great, but not the end of the world. A couple bad under beats by half a point, and a brutal beat in the Baltimore game...

Lots of room for improvement for tonight!

TNF Preseason Bets:

We have two games tonight!


Lines: PIT -4.5, o/u 38

Bet: Steelers ML + u38.5 (+180)

Reason: Steelers are one of the best preseason teams. They've won 13 of their last 16 games, and are 2-0 this preseason. There is a little bit of a battle between Trubisky and Rudolph, so we most likely will see both of them early in this game. This should give PIT an early advantage, but I do see Tanner Morgan coming in late for the Steelers and slowing the tempo and not scoring.

Ed Thompson / Steelers Now

Atlanta probably won't play Ridder, and this leaves Heinicke and Woodside at QB. Love Taylor, and a little worried he get's it going tonight, but still think Atlanta gets abused in this. Praying for a quick and low scoring first half. If that doesn't happen, I'll take the live under if it gets to the mid 40's.


Lines: IND -4.5, o/u 38

Bet: o38

Reason: Brawl broke out multiple times in the IND/PHI joint practice and they had to cut it short. A lot of bad blood here between the players and the coaches.

Jason Kelce's Interview of the altercation:

IND is a dumpster fire of an organization with a lot of crap going on. Richardson also hasn't looked great in games, and he desperately needs the practice. He should play the whole first quarter. Minshew is looking for revenge against his old team, and Ehlinger has been phenomenal in my opinion.


Mariota is trash for Philly, but he's due to score a touchdown. Hoping he scores and that satisfies the team, so they put in McKee quickly. Love that guy, and he can ball! With the bad blood in practice, I expect this to be a fast and physical game with a lot of scores!

Good Luck if Tailing!


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