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Buy/Sell Fantasy Stocks - Week 3

fantasy football buy/sell

The waiver wire is a blast every week but nothing feels the same as pulling off a trade! Finding the right compensation can be tough and coming to an agreement is even harder. While we would all love to trade for Justin Jefferson, these articles are based around players that with the right compensation, are attainable. Each week throughout the season, I'll give you three buy and sell candidates.


Joe Mixon, RB

The Bengals offense has been trending in the wrong direction and owners are looking to sell while they can. With nearly all the big name running backs being out at this point, Mixon is a solidified starter who has better days ahead. He has had 13 carries and 5 targets in both games this season showing a safe floor. He has yet to score a TD keeping his fantasy numbers low and frustrating his owners. Go capitalize on what is, right now, one of the top fantasy RBs still playing.

Zay Flowers, WR

I have been banging the Zay drum since the day he was drafted. He has seen over 75% of the snaps in both games and is clearly Lamar's favorite target outside of Andrews. OBJ is already injured and Zay should continue to further that chemistry to become a WR 2 for the rest of the season. Be aggressive in your hunt for Flowers.

Calvin Ridley, WR

After a great Week 1, Ridley put up a dud and fellow receiver Kirk had himself a day. The stats are deceiving as with better ball placement, Ridley could have had 2 touchdowns last week. (By the way, him running into the goal post was the hardest hit I saw all week). He’s averaging 80% of the Jags offensive snaps and with 19 targets, he is 11th in the league. Offer up a big name player who has underperformed up to this point for Ridley who will be a WR 1 or 2 for the ROS.

Honorable Mention: Jordan Addison, Michael Pittman Jr.


Dameon Pierce, RB

The Texans want to run the ball, yet led the league in passing yards in Week 2? That’s due to the inefficiency of Pierce running the ball as he has a horrendous 2.76 yards per carry. He struggles to stay on the field in passing situations which is evident as he is only on the field for 45% of the snaps. Pierce still has some name value and with the Texans having a rookie QB, there are still people out there that think he will turn it around.

D’Andre Swift, RB

Swift had a fantastic week last week and dominated for fantasy. The coaches are for sure going to let him keep eating right? It’s the Eagles, absolutely not. They are going to split carries between their backs ruining all of their fantasy value. Sell while you can to the owner who thinks he will be the new workhorse.

George Pickens, WR

Pickett has been playing horrible. He has one TD and less than 250 yds in each game so far and with no run game, the Steelers are punting a LOT! In fact, they are tied for the most punts in the league and have run the 6th fewest number of offensive plays. He is coming off a good game and has seen a good number of targets but his upside is capped as he will have very few deep pass opportunities. The offensive line collapses before Pickett can throw the ball meaning a lot of short work for Pickens.

Honorable Mention: Miles Sanders, Deebo Samuel

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