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MACTION Parlay 🔥

It's Tuesday so you know what that means!!! The MACtion is back and so are we! Last week went just as I thought. Getting wrecked as usual, but I am so optimistic today, that I decided to throw all three games into a parlay! What could go wrong???

Ball State/Northern Illinois:

Ball State (2-7) travels to Northern Illinois tonight (4-5). NIU is a 8.5 point favorite at home and the total is set at 44 points.

Now Northern Illinois isn't good, but Ball State is miserable! NIU is a middle of the pack MAC team and they make their living beating up on teams like Ball State. Also, NIU is back at home where they've won their last 2 home games.

Against similar opponents, NIU has won 55-14 against Akron, 23-13 against Ohio, and 20-13 against EMU. I fully expect NIU to win this game and like them to cover the spread as well.

LEG 1:



CMU (5-4) travels to WMU (3-6). Despite having the better record, CMU is a 3 point underdog, and the total is set at a whopping 58 points.

CMU is a difficult team to understand because they either play really well, or play like dogshit. There's no in-between with this team. Their new QB however, has been playing well, and I was certain that his play would give them Vegas' attention. Apparently not.

WMU on the other hand has been struggling lately closing out games, but they aren't having a problem scoring! They are putting up some high scores, and also allowing their opponents to score as well.

With this being an in-state rivalry game, I am expecting a high scoring, back-in-forth, competitive game. For that reason I like the over, and I just have to trust that Vegas has the right team favorited!

LEG 2 & 3:


WMU/CMU o51.5 (ALT)


Ohio (6-3) heads to Buffalo (3-6) where they are a 7.5 favorite on the road. The total is set at 44 points.

Ohio had a great season last year, and are still a solid team even with three losses. Their QB tore his ACL in the final game last year, and it took him awhile to get back to normal this year. He is a beast and should find success in the air tonight.

Buffalo, like CMU, is a tough team to read. They always seem to play competitively, unless its against a terrible opponent where they get smoked. I do think Buffalo is going to show some fight tonight, and I like them with the hook tonight, but there is no way that I can see Ohio losing this game!

Leg 4:





WMU/CMU o51.5




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