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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Hopefully you all were able to get some Black Friday shopping in as well. Now it is time to make some of that money back.

The slate is not as robust as we would like, but we got some key games on tonight. The biggest game might be the battle of the basement dwellers in the Detroit Pistons vs the Washington Wizards, both of whom are 2-14. How does that matchup not fire you up. Let's cook some bets tonight and stay away from the props for the night. 

Portland Trail Blazers vs Indiana Pacers Over 239.5 (-112)

The Indiana Pacers might be the most fun team to watch in basketball right now. Their games are just high-scoring, arcade games. It is just an up-and-down track meet each time out, regardless of the opponent. Their games have hit the over in each of the last 10 games. 

The Blazers will try to play the opposite of how the Pacers play. They are 24th in pace and have had their games hit the over only four times in their last 10. However, the Pacers are going to find a way to speed up the game. 

The line did start at 241.5, so it is trending down. However, the Pacers are too much of an offensive dynamo that I feel like we have to take the over. The Pacers might fall short for us one of these days, but until then, let's take the over at 239.5. 

Washington Wizards Moneyline (+120) vs Detroit Pistons 

This game is not going to be pretty. However, there has to be a winner. Both teams are in the bottom in the league on defense, but the Wizards are an actual functioning offensive team, while the Pistons are not. The Wizards biggest issue seems to be them being one of the worst defenses ever. For the Pistons, they are just bad at a collection of things, but not the worst at one for the most part. 

I think the Washington Wizards can find the will to win tonight. The Wizards are bad, but the Pistons are just as bad. In reality, there should be no favorite for this game. 

Looking at the game, the most profitable bet would be the Wizards moneyline at plus money. I do not mind taking a risk on a team that is facing someone just as bad as them. Also, the Wizards have won eight straight games against the Pistons. 

This is not a game I would recommend putting multiple units on. I would say to be responsible with this game. The best look is testing out the Wizards in a plus line against a squad that is on par with them. 

New Orleans Pelicans (-5.5) vs Utah Jazz (-110)

We just saw this game occur the other night with the Utah Jazz taking the upset win. However, the Pelicans were without Zion Williamson. I think the Pelicans are going to right the wrong and pull off the win. 

Prior to that loss, the Pelicans were on a six game run on beating the spread. 5.5 against this Utah Jazz does not seem too high, especially with Zion coming back for tonight's game. The Jazz are a bottom five team on defense. The Pelicans are middle of the road on offense, but there is an upside with this Pelicans roster. 

I would say the Pelicans at 5.5 is very optimal for them. I can see a potential blowout take place here. If you want to be risky and ladder the spread up to 10, be my guest. However, I am going to play it safe and roll with the 5.5. 


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