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NBA Best Bets 11/17

A slow day in sports on this Friday Night, so I am going out of my comfort zone and attacking the NBA tonight! My NBA knowledge isn't great, but I have had success this year when betting on totals, so that's what I will do. Here are my 3 favorite NBA plays for tonight's games!

Bet: New York Knicks Team Total o117


The Knicks take on the Wizards tonight in the NBA In-Season tournament. There is nothing you really have to know about the tourney, other than it's confusing and the courts have funny paint. It is still normal NBA basketball.

The Wizards are one of the worst teams in the league, and may have the worst defense as well. They allow so many points, and even though the Knicks don't score a crazy amount, they should have little resistance tonight.

In games against similar defenses, NYK has scored 129 against the Hornets, and 126 against the Spurs. Both of those defenses are worse than the Wizards, so I am happy with the Team total of the Knicks going over 117 points!

Bet: CHI/ORL u215.5


Both these teams are lower scoring and play solid defense. There are a couple teams that fit my good defense, bad offense molds, and I love when they play each other.

These teams just played on Wednesday, and I don't love that it is a back to back game agianst the same opponent, but I just can't resist this total. That game two days ago ended 96-94 in favor of the Magic. I think this will be a little higher scoring, but just can't see this game going over!



Just like I love taking low totals and going under, I love taking high totals and going over. Although this isn't the highest total of the night, it still is up there, and is too high for this game in my opinion. Because I think the line is wrong and too high, I'm going to trust that I'm the one who is wrong, and Vegas is the one who is right.

The Suns do not classify as a high scoring and bad defensive team even though they have had some high scoring games. Their defense is above average in my opinion, and that usually keeps the totals somewhat reasonable and the games lower scoring.

Utah, on the other hand, is a dead nuts over team, so Vegas is suggesting that Utah controls the tempo of this game, and PHX will hang in there and put up some points. I'll take a gamble on the over in this game, and hopefully it pans out!

Good Luck as always if tailing!


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Ben Bentley
Ben Bentley
Nov 17, 2023

Nice article Wyatt!


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