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NBA Player Props (11/20)

Welcome to a new week of NBA betting. Last Monday was extremely rough. Julius Randle was very close to his over, as he finished with nine rebounds when he needed 10. However, Dennis Schroder and Zach LaVine were simply not locked in.

A banning on the entire Chicago Bulls is in place. If you love your dollars, then do not place a bet on them in any capacity. Jordan Poole also fits the criteria of a player who is banned from all bets. It is good to keep track of who wrongs you during the season to make sure you do not fall for the trick again.

Despite the bad week, we are ready for some new plays for tonight. We have eight games this Monday, which means there is a plethora of options to go with. Here are some of the best props for tonight.

Domantas Sabonis Over 12.5 Rebounds (-113)

Domantas Sabonis is putting up another All-Star season while being an all-around offensive dynamo. However, his rebounding is still his calling card. He is second in the league in rebounding at 13 a game. He is a glass-cleaner extraordinaire and the matchup can highlight that notion even more.

The New Orleans Pelicans are allowing the third most rebounds a game while giving up the fifth most offensive rebounds a game. Sabonis averages 3.3 offensive rebounds a game. Over 12.5 seems very lofty, but he has hit 13 in four of his last five games.

Do not be scared of this hefty number. Sabonis should be able to get 13 rebounds tonight. If you want to feel safe, 12 rebounds is -165.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Over 29.5 Points (-108)

This prop is dangerous, but not because Giannis can't get the over. The issue could be there being a blowout halfway through the third quarter and the Milwaukee Bucks decide to rest their starters early. However, I think we should play the odds. In four of the last five games, Giannis has scored at least 35 points. The one way Giannis is going to get his points is by driving to the basket and getting into the paint.

The Washington Wizards allow the fourth most paint points in the league. Their best big is only six foot eight. Giannis should have easy paint touches all game. This could be a big Damian Lillard game as well, but my money lies on Giannis. He has been able to dominate as of late.

The 30 points are scary, but we should know betting isn't easy. Take the over and pray the game is within 15 in the fourth quarter.

Paul George Over 24.5 Points (-106)

The best player on this Los Angeles Clippers team this season has been Paul George. He has been a force and looks very healthy for the first time in a few years. The Clippers have been all over the place as a team with the addition of James Harden, which led to a six-game losing streak. However, George is still showing out. 

Tonight he goes up against the San Antonio Spurs, who are putrid on defense. We all know about the Washington Wizards being awful on defense, while the Indiana Pacers are constantly in shootouts. The Spurs are the team with the most points allowed per game at 124.2!!!! The Clippers should feast tonight and I think Paul George is the perfect option to look if you want to bet on a prop on this game. 

Klay Thompson Under 3.5 Threes (-162)

One of the biggest disappointments this season has been the Golden St. Warriors just not being able to click on all cylinders. The most glaring issue is Klay Thompson just looking off throughout the season. He is only averaging 14 points per game, while shooting a career-worst 33% from three. 

It seems like the sportsbooks have not been able to adjust. He has not fallen under a 3.5 line for threes. In his last 10 games, he has only hit the over once. There is still too much respect on Klay and his history, but we might need to capitalize on their mistake. 

The matchup isn't beneficial either. The Houston Rockets are the best three point defensive team in the league. They are allowing only 31.8% from three this season. The Rockets defense is legit and they keep proving it each and every night. 

Klay's line is way too high for the production he has put out. -162 is not pretty to look at it, but the line is too good to pass up. 


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