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NFL Playoff Parlays: In or Out?

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The NFL football season is less than 2 months away which means it is once again time to dive into the NFL futures betting market. If you have followed along with our Bettor in Green content, you probably know that future bets are a huge piece of my betting portfolio, especially in the NFL. I have bet futures each of the last 3 seasons and am a perfect 3-0 turning a profit, including an incredible 7-3 record in last years NFL futures capped off with a big play on the Kansas City Chiefs Championship at +1000. I expect this season to be another huge one in terms of profit, and that all starts with my futures bets. Between now and the NFL opening kickoff, I will be combing through the futures markets and giving out plays via twitter, our podcast episodes, and in articles as well, so stay tuned. Today, let's look at "to make the playoffs" parlays.

The best sportsbook to use when looking to build "to make the playoffs" parlays is going to be Fanduel. They allow you to parlay up to 7 teams together to make the playoffs, which works out well considering there are 7 teams that I am looking at when building these parlays. The 7 teams I am looking at are the top 7 with the greatest odds to make the playoffs, and they are the Chiefs, 49ers, Eagles, Bengals, Bills, Cowboys, and Jaguars. For starters, all 7 of those teams parlayed together to all make the playoffs come out to +646 odds, which I will be playing for a unit. To really maximize profit in this market, I will be looking to build multiple 2 and 3 leg parlays. Let's get into some of my favorites.

Chiefs/49ers/Jaguars +121

I absolutely love this 3 leg parlay. Plain and simple, I think all 3 of these teams win their divisions and I don't think they'll have much of a challenge. These 3 teams look to be superior in their respective divisions and I think they all cruise to a postseason birth this season. Even if another team comes out of nowhere to win one of these 3 division titles, I still think these teams will have a good enough record to clinch a wildcard spot.

Jaguars/Cowboys +116

A 2-teamer at plus money with 2 teams that I believe will win their respective divisions?! Yeah sign me up for that every day and twice on Sunday's. I absolutely love this play. I touched on the Jags already, but I also believe the Cowboys will beat out the Eagles to win the NFC East this season. I look for both teams to finish with 12+ wins, but I think the Cowboys win the tie breaker and take home the division title. Even if the Eagles take the division, 12 wins is more than enough to lock in a wild card spot.

Chiefs/49ers/Bills +108

+108?! For these 3 teams?! Get out of town! These could very well be the top 3 teams next season. I just don't see a world where any of the 3 miss the playoffs. Do you? If you wanna spice it up, throw in this year's free space on the bingo card (Jaguars) for a juicy +212.

The combinations in this betting market are endless and my bankroll could very well be used up on multiple different combinations. The 2 teams that I am treading lightly with, that I still believe should easily make the postseason, are the Bengals and Eagles. I think they are both great and it is hard to imagine a postseason without either of those 2 teams, however, I think they will be challenged within their division more than the other teams on this list. There are a ton of combinations to play around with, and these are just a few of the plays that I will end up on before the season kicks off. Head over to Fanduel and let me know which combos you are betting this season!


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