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NFL Preseason WK 2 Bets

The NFL preseason returns tonight, and we have another actioned packed weekend full of betting on a bunch of scrubs. But hey! I'm not complaining! I'd rather throw hundreds of dollars on second stringers than place a bet on whatever the hell is going on in the MLB right now! With that being said, lets dive in to the board!

I will note one thing before we start. The lines have drastically changed in numerous games since even last night. These lines are going to keep changing, and since I'm writing this on Thursday, my lines may be a little off. This is most likely due to news coming out of camp of who's starting and who isn't playing.



Lines: PHI -4, o/u 35.5

Bet: PHI -4

Reason: Browns announced they will be starting DTR, the rookie sensation out of UCLA. DTR has played lights out through two games, and I can't believe they are a 4-point underdog. Philly on the other hand got beat up against the ravens. A pick 6 at the end of the game for Philly made the 19-20 loss much closer than what it should be. It makes no sense that Cleveland is the underdog. Give me the ugliest bet of the weekend! PHI -4!




Lines: NYG -2.5, o/u 39

Bet: u39

Reason: Carolina was a dumpster fire in week 1, losing 27-0. It's not often you see a team get blown out in the preseason. Corral was terrible, and Bryce Young barely played. Young will probably get very few snaps in this game, which means its up to Corral again. The Giants looked great in the 1st half against Detroit, but blew it with an 90 yard punt return. Tyrod Taylor is also expected to not play, leaving DeVito as the main guy. There's too few playmakers for me to see this game even come close to 30 points.


Lines: ATL -6.5, o/u 38.5

Bet: CIN +6.5

Reason: 6.5 points is a lot in a preseason game. Atlanta smoked the Dolphins on the scoreboard winning 19-3, but they actually got outgained by Miami. The Dolphins went for a lot of fourth downs and failed. The Bengals got smoked by the Packers, but that was expected. Packers 1st team against the Bengals scrubs... Bengals put up 19 point regardless and looked pretty solid against the Packers 1's. I like Cincy to win outright.



Lines: JAX -4, o/u 39.5

Bet: o39.5

Reason: Detroit got lucky week one. Their offense looked stagnant and Sudfeld was throwing picks left and right. Lions will need to improve offensively and that will be a main emphasis at practice this week. The Jags did win week 1, but also gave up 23 points. Offensively, Jacksonville looked great, but defense was struggling. There's too much offense for me to take this under.


Lines: HOU -2, o/u 39.5

Bet: MIA +2

Reason: Stroud is getting the start again for Houston, and he will try to improve from his 2/4, 13 yards, 1 INT performance from week 1. The inner Wolverine in me is coming out, and I am full fading Stroud. Give me the Dolphins +2.

Photo by: AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee


Lines: BUF -1.5, o/u 42


Reason: Josh Allen is expected to start for Buffalo, meaning he will play one drive and be done. The line has drastically overcompensated for this news, and I love the Steelers in this game. They have the perfect QB room for preseason.


Lines: IND -3.5, o/u 40.5

Bet: u40.5

Reason: Fields had 2 TD's in week one they went for over 50 yards. That's not going to happen again. The Colts looked descent as well, but I just think this is going to be a come back to reality game for both teams. A couple more mistakes offensively, and defenses should tighten up!

Game: TB/NYJ

Lines: NYJ -3.5, o/u 37

Bet: NYJ 1H ML

Reason: I couldn't find this bet, but it should be available before the game. Trask is terrible and projected to start for Tampa Bay. The Jets defense was lights out last game, and their offense dominated time of possession. I'm just worried Baker will come out in the second half and torch the Jets.

Game: KC/ARI

Lines: KC -7.5, o/u 41

Bet: ARI +7.5

Reason: Arizona didn't let us down last week and won despite being a 6.5 point underdog. The line is once again shifted too much because Mahomes is expected to make an appearance. Once again this will be for probably 1 possession. Great value on Cardinals.

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Game: NE/GB

Lines: GB -2.5, o/u 36.5

Bet: o36.5 & NE ML

Reason: Jordon Love looked great last week, and he will probably get a couple possessions in this game. Pats really struggled, but Malik Cunningham played well. I like a lot of offense, and I like the Pats to take this as well.


Lines: TEN -2.5, o/u 37.5

Bet: TEN -2.5

Reason: Gotta go with the Titans in this one. Still a three-way QB battle, and the Vikings looked terrible week 1. I think the Titans win this by 10+ points.

Game: DEN/SF

Lines: DEN -4, o/u 39

Bet: SF +4

Reason: Russell Wilson played in week 1, and I don't expect him to play in this game. Maybe one drive. The 49ers sucked, but they are young and will improve. Their defense was atrocious, so I like big upgrades this week from SF.

Game: LV/LAR

Lines: LV -3.5, o/u 39.5

Bet: o39.5

Reason: Probably square, but both teams had a lot of offense in week 1. Stetson Bennett for the Rams played great, and I think he will excel again in this game. O'Connell for the Raiders also played great.

(Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times)


Lines: SEA -7, o/u 40.5

Bet: u40.5

Reason: Really wanted to take Cowboys in this game, and then I really wanted to take Seattle. Not sure what's going to happen, but both offenses had a lot of success in week 1. The Cowboys defense sucked, but I think they improve and hopefully both teams cool down offensively.


Game: NO/LAC

Lines: NO -3, o/u 37.5

Bet: u37.5

Reason: Actually really like this play. Carr played a little in week 1 for the Saints so don't think he will play this game. A defensive TD and a couple big plays helped the Chargers score 34 points in week 1. That's not going to happen again.



Lines: BAL -3, o/u 38.5


Reason: Crappy value, but can unload on units. It's simple. Ravens are 24-0 in the preseason since 2015. Don't be on the wrong side of history!


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