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Tuesday Night Football

Whose ready for some midweek football!!! The 60 straight days of football continues tonight with three college football games. As always, these are not the most entertaining games or matchups, but it IS football, and for that reason, I must bet it!


Another Conference USA matchup between MTSU and Liberty. Liberty is the big dog in this conference and is the team to beat! They will be at home tonight and will play a very frustrating MTSU team.

Liberty is 6-0 on the year and in 1st place in C-USA. MTSU is just 2-5, and are tied for 6th place in the conference.

Liberty is a 14 point favorite at home and the total is set at 56.5.


I say MTSU is frustrating because they have let me down in a couple midweek games so far this season. They have a capable offense, and a not so capable defense. They let up so many big plays, but can find success on their own in the passing game. This makes them a tricky team to handicap because they are so inconsistent.

Liberty, on the other hand, is one of the most consistent teams in this conference. They are consistent because they JUST WIN! There is no doubt in my mind Liberty wins tonight at home, but will they cover the 14 points? I trust Liberty's stellar defense will hold off the few big plays MTSU will have, and Liberty's offense should make MTSU's defense look like Swiss Cheese.

Liberty -14


The 2nd place team in the C-USA, WKU, is traveling to the pesky Gamecocks of JKST. JSKT has blew expectations out of the water so far this year, as it is their first season as a FBS school. WKU is hanging in their and may be the only team who can compete with Liberty this year.

WKU is 4-2 on the year and undefeated in the Conference. JKST is 5-2 and suffered their first conference loss last week to Liberty.

Western Kentucky is a shocking 8 point favorite on the road, and the total is at 59.5.


Like MTSU, I have had a hard time figuring out this JSKT team. I thought they would struggle more than they have this year because it is their first season in true D1 football. However, they have battled in every game, and have some solid upsets under their belt.

WKU, as always, displays a powerful passing attack, averaging almost 300 yards per game through the air. Their defense however, has been piss poor. I think their mantra is similar to that of the PAC12; screw defense, lets just score more than them. This could be an issue tonight when they face JKST who loves to run the ball at a super face pace.

With WKU's superb passing attack, their lack of defense, and the powerful, fast-paced rushing attack of JKST, I love this over! This is going to be a high scoring, back-in-forth game where WKU ultimately wins, but JKST hangs in there until the end!

WKU/JKST o59.5


A little Sun Belt action ends the slate tonight with Southern Miss traveling to South Alabama. USM is a whopping 1-5 on the year and winless in the conference. USA is a very underrated 3-3 team and are 1-1 in conference play.

USA has played some big boys this year. They lost their opener to 24th ranked Tulane, spanked Oklahoma State, and then lost to CMU and James Madison. A respectable schedule, and a massive power 5 win.

On the contrary, USM has been murdered in almost every game they've played, and haven't won a game since defeating FBS Alcorn State.

USA is an 18.5 point favorite and the total is at 52.


An 18.5 point spread is always hard to handicap. On one hand, USA is the much better team and should easily cover, but 18 points is a lot. I'm worried they get up too quick and just coast.

When in doubt with the spread, I look to the total. 52 points seems pretty low for a USA team that just put up 55 points last week to a better ULM team. USM has also had two 70+ point conference games so far.

For the reason of the total being laughably low, and me thinking its a trap, I will take a risk and take the under.



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