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Week 2 DFS Values of the Week!

DFS plays and values

We hit a nice payout last week placing 1,117th out of 119,047 players, but we can be even better! As always, take advantage of the percentage a player is owned! The higher a player's exposure, the better you have to be at choosing other positions. Try to mix in different exposures to create your own unique lineup. Previous millionaire winners have a total ownership percentage of 100.56% each week, and the range between 75%-125% is recommended to increase your chances of winning.

QB: Lamar Jackson, $7600, 3.5% owned

We just saw the Bengals offensive line get dismantled by the Browns, and the Ravens could do the same. I expect the defense to steal a few extra possessions for Lamar to cook. The Dobbins injury likely means a small dip in rushing attempts and more rushing opportunities for Lamar against a familiar defense. He may get his favorite red zone target back, in Mark Andrews., who will help him immensely. Lamar has his best receiving core of his career but after a flat Week 1, people aren't going back to the well with Lamar. I would roll the dice again and be part of the small winning percentage.

RB: Tyler Allgeier, $7100, 1.6% owned

The Falcons game plan against the Packers is transparent. They're going to pound the rock until the clock hits zero. So tell me why Allgeier who outscored Bijan last week $900 cheaper and only 1.6% owned to Bijans 7.6%. I'm not arguing that Bijan is the better RB. However, in a game where they are both going to see plenty of work, I think the split in public ownership is wild.

WR: D.J. Moore, $6100, 5.8% owned

Another Week 1 stinker we're going right back to. Moore only saw two targets (he caught both) so it was going to be hard for him to produce. Now they face a Buccaneers team who is good at stuffing the run and is going to force them to throw the ball. Moore knows this defense very well, as they were his division foes during his time in Carolina. The Bucs have freak LBs who are going to do their best to contain Fields scrambling. I believe Fields and Moore spent time this week studying film with Moore giving Fields the tips needed to beat this defense. I expect 8+ targets for Moore in this game.

TE: Evan Engram, $6000, 3.1% owned

The Chiefs struggle against big bodied receivers and have a tendency to leave the middle of the field open. This is a recipe for success for Evan Engram. The Chiefs are going to man up on Ridley with safety help over the top leaving room for the others to feast. The Chiefs were embarrassed at home on the opening night of the season mostly through errors of their own. They have had plenty of time to build that fire to come out and put up a high number of points and force the Jags to match. Engram has high TD potential as well when they get into the red zone.

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Who are you most likely to throw in your DFS lineup?

  • Lamar Jackson

  • Tyler Allgeier

  • D.J. Moore

  • Evan Engram

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