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2024 Academy Awards Betting Preview

2024 Oscars Predictions


  The first thing you need to remember when betting the Oscars is who is voting and when. It isn’t like betting on teams in sports, you’re voting on the fans. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences conduct the voting. Around 10,000 members who work in the field vote over a few days within a week of the awards ceremony. I went 5 for 6 at last year's Academy Awards and I’m here to give you my insight to crush it with me this year!

Best Picture

The Favorite: Oppenheimer -900

   Oppenheimer is last year’s Everything Everywhere All at Once. They are going to be bringing home some serious hardware and it’s deservedly so. This year we have a lot of movies based on real people or real events and none may be as significant as the story of Julius Robert Oppenheimer. The cast gave award worthy performances, it has beautiful cinematography, and has the music to pull it all together. Oppenheimer is the clear front runner.

The Value: Maestro +6500

   Maestro has a fantastic look as it takes you through Leonard Bernstein's life and was produced by the likes of Martin Scorsese, Bradley Cooper, and Steven Spielberg. Bradley Cooper gives a great performance but that is where the pros end for me. The rest of the movie is chain smoking, over the top acting/dancing scenes, and frequent homosexual affairs. The most egregious of all is just how utterly boring this movie is.

The Dark Horse: Killers of the Flower Moon +2500

   Killers of the Flower Moon follows the true story of the murders of multiple native americans on an Osage reservation in the 1920s. There are some great acting performances as well as masterfully crafted sets to transport you back into the 20s. The movie also makes sure to include a good amount of Osage tradition throughout its run time. However, being over 3 hours in duration and never hitting the heights of Oppenheimer, Killers of the Flower Moon will struggle to emerge from the shadows.

oppenheimer oscar winners
Oppenheimer Movie Poster

The Pick: Oppenheimer -900

With such high odds, Oppenheimer is a better parlay leg than a straight bet but my confidence rating is 10/10. (Fade Play: Poor Things)

Best Director

The Favorite: Christopher Nolan -3500

   Nolan was the mastermind behind the Oppenheimer composition. Nolan was able to keep a dialogue heavy/science based movie entertaining while paying attention to the dips in the movie to fill them with substance instead of filler material. He opted to create real fire clouds and explosions instead of CGI to capture the power and magnitude of what this meant for the future. This was truly a masterclass in directing.

The Value: Martin Scorsese +1400

   Scorsese is a popular name and was able to get some great shots and performances from his cast. However, I feel the long run time is a testament to his failures on this film. There were countless moments where I found myself asking “can we move on or cut this”? I understand some scenes to have deeper meaning but watching the same type of fiery hazy shot towards the end of the movie was maddening. The pace came to a crawl at points and this movie never felt like it had clear direction. Was it a classic “Who done It”? A drama? A romance? A courtroom thriller? I’m out.

The Dark Horse: Yorgos Lanthimos +1400

    Poor Things is delightfully weird and truly stands out among the other movies. The movie has some great performances and was an entertaining watch. However, I feel some of the artistic twists in this movie were a hit, while other aspects feel almost goofy and unnecessary. While he did a good job, it’s hard to see him surpassing the favorites.

christopher nolan oscars
Julien de Rosa/AFP/Getty Images

The Pick: Christopher Nolan -3500

Add this to your Oppenheimer parlay or enjoy a sweat free small payout. My confidence level is another 10/10. (Fade Play: Everyone not Nolan)

Best Actor

The Favorite: Cillian Murphy -250

   Cillian is the lead man in Oppenheimer playing the brilliant physicist himself. The range needed for this role is overwhelming. The inner conflict of his goal and the joy, dread, and guilt that all come with accomplishing this task. The guilt from his affair but love for his family along with balancing playing the role of Oppenheimer in multiple stages of life. Will Smith won in 2022 for his confident and loving dad role in King Richard. Brendan Frasier won in 2023 for his depressed and disabled dad; yearning for a relationship with his estranged daughter role in Whale.  Cillian Murphy's performance in Oppenheimer clears them by miles.

The Value: Paul Giamatti +175

   Paul Giamatti is universally liked by everyone and he holds down the main role in The Holdovers. Filmed with the aesthetic of a 70s comedy, this movie definitely hit the mark and they can thank Paul for being a big part of that. While he is excellent in the role, I’m also reminded why these types of movies went out of style. It is a nice nostalgia trip but the movie itself falls far short of others on this list. Even with Giamatti’s performance.

The Dark Horse: Bradley Cooper +1000

   Bradley Cooper went all in on his approach to play famed American composer Leonard Bernstein. Cooper spent six years learning how to compose before taking on this role so he could nail a 6 minute scene in the film.  He would spend up to five hours in a chair while staff applied makeup and his prosthetics to achieve Bernstein's likeness. Cooper’s dedication is admirable, but to me falls short.

cillian murphy oscars
Robbie Lawrence for The New York Times

The Pick: Cillian Murphy -250

Yet again, another Oppenheimer award. Cillian is the heavy favorite for a good reason. My confidence level is an 8/10. (Fade Play: Colman Domingo)

Best Actress

The Favorite: Emma Stone -150

   When I began writing this article, Emma Stone was my pick as a +160 underdog to Gladstone. Apparently the Academy thought so too as she has vaulted to the favorite at -150. Emma Stone carries this movie more than anyone carries their movie: male or female. She is tasked with playing a character from early adolescence to a fully conscious enlightened adult. She is incredibly odd, funny, interesting, and more. Emma has already won this award once with her performance from La La Land. To me, this is the strongest Best Actress entry since 2006 Hillary Swank, in Million Dollar Baby.

The Value: Lily Gladstone +120

   Lily Gladstone checks off a lot of similar criteria as last year's winner Michelle Yeoh. She is a minority woman who plays a strong mother in one of the leading movies of the year. For me personally, that's where the similarities and reasons end. While she is the main female lead, this movie is carried by industry giants DiCaprio and De Niro. Knowing she was the favorite(-250 @ the time), I kept waiting for her big impactful moment but it never came. So often, she would opt to use facial expressions over dialogue and half her lines were in Siouan. If she wins, in my opinion it will be due to Hollywood gerrymandering.

The Dark Horse: Sandra Huller +1000

   This French courtroom thriller is an excellent overseas entry and Sandra Huller shines. As the main suspect in her husband's death, it is hard to know at times what is the truth and what is fiction. She is tasked with balancing the emotions of grief, guilt, anger, betrayal, embarrassment, and relief. It’s a performance that you can really feel. Unfortunately, this year feels like it’s a two poney race and I don’t see Huller gaining much traction.

emma stone oscars
Atsushi Nishijima/Searchlight Pictures

The Pick: Emma Stone -150

Emma Stone truly gave an unforgettable performance in a movie that is so bizarre that without that role being nailed 100%, this ends up getting a Razzie. My confidence would be higher if I didn't think Hollywood would virtue signal but I'll still give it a 9/10. (Fade Play: Carey Mulligan)

Best Supporting Actor

The Favorite: Robert Downey Jr. -1000

   RDJ gives an excellent performance opposite of Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer. He is able to balance between a mastermind manipulator and charismatic public figure as he manages the role along different points in the timeline. My only issue with RDJ is that I don't feel he elevated the movie like these other two actors did.

The Value: Ryan Gosling +650

   In a movie that saw Barbie as the deep and intellectual character needed for this film, Ken had to complement that with a goofy and fun loving tone. Gosling was able to fully commit to the role and be the main comic relief. Ken ultimately stole a lot of screen time in Barbie and had some iconic moments, but was it enough for Best Supporting Actor? And can you really give the award to Barbie's male counterpart when Barbie herself wasn’t nominated? That literally underscores the entire message of the movie.

The Dark Horse: Robert De Niro +1400

   Yes De Niro is a big name, but you truly can’t understand the gravity of his role and performance without watching the movie. He plays the main antagonist that was responsible for orchestrating the murders of multiple Osage native americans. He presents himself as a true friend and a bridge between the Osage people and the whites. Manipulating the Osage people, the law, and his own family make for an unbelievably impactful role. Honestly, the movie can not be what it is without an Oscar worthy performance from De Niro. 

Robert De Niro Oscars
Apple TV

The Pick: Robert De Niro +1400

   Last year's Academy Awards saw the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor win from the same movie. That could be the case again this year as De Niro carries Killers of the Flower Moon. My confidence level is 3/10 as RDJ likely wins but has little standalone value. (Fade Play: Mark Ruffalo)

Best Supporting Actress

The Favorite: Da'vine Joy Randolph -2000

   This one feels like a near lock. DJR balances the caring, sarcastic, and philosophical role with what feels like ease. Without a plethora of characters in this movie, the added emphasis on the characters is felt. Da’vine put on the performance that I was hoping to get from Gladstone.

The Value: Emily Blunt +1100

   The role of the loving wife who quietly and painfully sticks with her genius husband having an affair has been academy gold. She plays her role beautifully and nothing may be more heart wrenching than her scenes from when her husband is being interrogated. While she does an excellent job, I feel her role was not large enough for this award.

The Dark Horse: Danielle Brooks +1100

   Danielle Brooks is one of my favorite actresses and she kills every role she is in. She is truly a Hollywood gem. Danielle’s role doesn’t stick out as well in The Color Purple as she is surrounded by other powerful women of color giving excellent performances. While I would love to see her win, I just don’t see this being the performance to get the award.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph oscars
Still from The Holdovers

The Pick: Da'vine Joy Randolph -2000

   I personally didn’t enjoy the Holdovers as much as some of these other movies but I enjoyed DJR’s character greatly and she checks off all the boxes of an oscar winner. My confidence level is 6.5/10. (Fade Play: America Ferrera)

Best Film Editing

The Favorite: Oppenheimer -1000

   Every Oppenheimer shot feels deliberate and gives you the viewpoint you want in every clip. Oppenheimer is extremely clean and one stat stands out to me when observing previous winners. In the past 83 years of the award, the same movie has won both best editing and best picture 49% of the time.

The Value: Poor Things +2000

   Poor things did a lot of things right, but I don’t think it deserves the best film editing award. I hated some of the angles and lenses used in this film. Poor Things has great value due to the quality of the movie but outside of the value, it’s not a good choice.

The Dark Horse: The Holdovers +1800

   In my opinion, The Holdovers should be the second pick behind Oppenheimer. I have no idea how Anatomy of a Fall and Killers of the Flower Moon is ahead. This entire movie is reliant on editing and artistic direction. The only fault may be that the consistent pacing doesn’t lend itself enough to notice the subtleties. While a potential knock, this could also be a reason it wins.

oppenheimer oscar winners
Oppenheimer Movie Poster

The Pick: Oppenheimer -1000

Oppenheimer should bring it home here again and is a nice additional parlay leg. My confidence level is 9/10. (Fade Play: Killers of the Flower Moon)

Best Live Action Short

The Favorite: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar -1400

   Where some categories are stacked. I feel the best live action short is weak this year and is evident by The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar being such a heavy favorite. This had double the run time as the two below and was filled with famous actors while being directed by Wes Anderson. This felt like a story not good enough for a movie and weird enough to be given the Wes Anderson treatment to make it even more on the nose. If you can buy an award, it is this pick here. You can watch it for yourself on Netflix.

The Value: Knight of Fortune +1800

   This had all the heart and acting performances of a university film project. I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way. It is a great telling of a man having difficulty coming to terms with his wife’s passing and he is unable to let go of his grief and face her mortality. Knight of Fortune is the perfect run time of around 20 minutes and is easily accessible for free on YouTube. This would have my vote for best live action short. Beware this is a foreign film so you will need to read subtitles.

The Dark Horse: The After +800

   Another sad entry as a father struggles to deal with the loss of his wife and daughter from a violent attack in London. While emotional, about 1/4th (if not more) of the movie is him after the incident driving people around as an uber driver not talking. While the saddest concept of the listed entries, it failed to deliver the punch I was waiting for that gives you a lump in your throat. The After is available on Netflix.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar oscar

The Pick: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar -1400

Boooo. Call me a hater all you want but this was a short film because it was too dumb of a concept to drag out any longer than 40 minutes. You can see without using your eyes. That’s the movie. Eye’s closed I’d give this confidence level a 6/10. (Fade Play: Invincible)

Best Animated Short

The Favorite: Letter to a Pig -250

   A holocaust survivor writes a letter to a pig who shielded him and saved his life while Nazis were looking for him. The movie devolves into a schoolgirl's dream while listening to him read his letter. I’m not a fan of the art style but it conveys a strong message.

The Value: Ninety-Five Senses +800

   An old man on death row re-lives some of his regrets and memories from his life as his time winds down. He reflects on what he would change and what could have been. The movie switches between art styles for senses and moments in time. While bold, it doesn’t feel as significant as other entries.

The Dark Horse: Pachyderme +2000

   This is the only entry in this entire article I watched twice. The first time I watched it, I didn't know if I was the one making it weird or if it’s what the short intended. On the second viewing, my gut sank. The imagery and hidden meaning are truly tough to stomach upon further examination. You realize that initial moment of doubt when watching it the first time is intentional. As it’s human nature to not automatically go to such dark places and we never expect it from the comfort of supposed safety. It’s available on YouTube but I would caution you if you have SA triggers. I don’t know if it wins based on how hurtful the content is. Pachyderme would have my vote.

Letter to a Pig Oscar
Tal Kantor

The Pick: Letter to a Pig -250

Historical tragedies meshed into modern times with strong visuals and imagery make Letters to a Pig a legit contender. My confidence level is a 4/10. (Fade Play: Our Uniform)

Best Visual Effects

The Favorite: The Creator -115

   The Creator gives an inspired take on what the battle between humans and robots would look like. They are also tasked with meshing the two worlds of human and robot. They do an amazing job of meshing the film with the visual effects so it doesn't feel like a cheap green screen CGI conglomeration. This movie is Avatar meets Ex Machina. Oh by the way, both Avatar movies and Ex Machina all won best visual effects.

The Value: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. +600

   Well…it's a Marvel/Guardians of the Galaxy movie. CGI heavy where sometimes they nail it, and sometimes you can tell they didn't prioritize a scene. Only three SuperHero movies have won this award since its inception in 1938 with the most recent win being Spider Man 2 in 2004. They likely had the largest budget and reliance on the visual effects at least put them in the running.

The Dark Horse: Godzilla Minus One +100

   There is no Godzilla without the visual effects. Godzilla looks amazing and the details are incredible. You can tell that the time spent on the monster was extensive and truly a masterclass in creature creation. Here comes that big but. But as great as Godzilla himself is, other aspects took a hit. At times you can really tell what's visually layered. The smoke at times drove me crazy. Some of the building destruction and projectiles looked like snapchat filters. I was just waiting for the dog ears and tongue to pop up. The question is, was Godzilla himself good enough to forgive these sins?

The Creator Oscar
The Creator International Poster

The Pick: The Creator -115

While Godzilla himself is good, I just couldn’t get past how bad some of the other effects looked and how it made the movie feel. The Creator visuals were consistently good and the realism makes it a worthy winner. My confidence level is a 7/10. (Fade Play: Napoleon)

Best Production Design

The Favorite: Barbie -450

   Best Production Design goes to the movie that pulled off the best sets and environments that are needed to bring the film to life. This team made multiple Barbie houses, the beach, and other various locations throughout the movie. Barbie relied on their production design more than any other movie.

The Value: Killers of the Flower Moon +2000

   The bar, Gladstone's house, De Niro’s house, and the courthouse are supremely well done. Nothing feels like a set which is a testament to how well this team did. They have insane value and a real shot to win.

The Dark Horse: Poor Things +300

   Poor Things COULD win but I don't think it does nor do I think it deserves to win. They mix sets with visual effects and the art style makes you really feel where the set ends. Outside of the brothel, I wasn’t overly impressed.

Barbie Oscars
Jaap Buitendijk/ Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The Pick: Barbie -450

Disclaimer: This is the only one I got wrong last year and I’m still bitter. How does a movie that spends half the time in a trench win Best Production Design? My redemption pick is Barbie as the set is paramount to the movie and is very well done. There is an entire HGTV series about this task called “Barbie Dreamhouse”. Barbies due. My confidence level is 8/10. (Fade Play: Napoleon)

Best Makeup & Hairstyling

The Favorite: Maestro -500

   This award so often goes to people playing real life characters. Last year The Whale won with their work of turning Brendan Frasier into the morbidly obese teacher. Bradley Cooper's crew did a fantastic job turning him into Bernstein. They aged him incredibly well through the movie and the likeness is uncanny.

The Value: Poor Things +350

   I feel Poor Things was solely nominated for their work on Willem DaFoe. It looked good but also was such a strange concept. I’m honestly surprised this is the second favorite because I wouldn’t bat an eye if it wasn’t nominated.

The Dark Horse: Golda +2500

   They did an excellent job turning Helen Mirren into the elderly Golda Meir. This felt very similar to Maestro and doesn’t deserve the gap it has.

Maestro Oscars

The Pick: Maestro -500

The side by side comparison with the real Bernstein is really impressive. The reason I give the nod to Maestro over Golda is that the Maestro team had to deal with aging Cooper throughout the movie and were challenged more than the latter. My confidence level is 6/10. (Fade Play: Oppenheimer)

Best Costume Design

The Favorite: Barbie -450

   What is one of Barbie dolls biggest features? Changing the outfits! The production team had to take on the task of mastering all of Barbie's outfits as well as the rest of the cast. They had a template of clothing as they attempted to reproduce Barbie's wardrobe. I honestly don’t know if that helps or hurts the case for Best Costume Design.

The Value: Poor Things +250

   Emma Stone wears some outfits that are as crazy as her character, and the crew were able to really use their imagination to create some unique outfits. Looking back, it really is the puffy shoulders era in this movie. I think if they went just a little bit further in their imagination and took more risks this one might have been the favorite.

The Dark Horse: Napoleon +1600

   Napoleon isn’t getting much respect in this category which is wild since I feel the costumes are outstanding. They are period specific and supremely well executed. Napoleon has a much greater chance to win this award than the odds are giving it. The only downfall is how did they differentiate or do better than other costumes in period pieces to win? I think that will be the fatal blow that keeps Napoleon from winning.

Poor Things Oscars
Still from Poor Things

The Pick: Poor Things +250

   Barbie was my initial pick and I absolutely think they still have a chance to win. However, looking at the criteria for this award, I switched. It’s weighted with 30% on innovation (check Poor Things), 25% costumes inform us about characters (check for Napoleon),  25% overall aesthetic (check for Barbie), and 20% how the costumes serve the story (check Poor Things). The outfits change as her character grows as does the scenery and color scheme. Check Mate. My confidence level is a shaky 5/10. (Fade Play: Oppenheimer)

Best Cinematography

The Favorite: Oppenheimer -1100

   Oppenheimer had the best cohesion of all aspects of the visual presentation. This award is the combination of costume, makeup and hairstyling, production, and more.

The Value: Maestro +1800

   Maestro has an outside chance to win thanks to their standout makeup and hairstyling. That's about it.

The Dark Horse: Killers of the Flower Moon +1000

   They excelled in many of the aspects needed but I have a hard time seeing this one win.

oppenheimer oscar winners
Oppenheimer Movie Poster

The Pick: Oppenheimer -1600

I’m going to be honest this is kind of a BS award. It’s just another version of the best picture. It’s Oppenherimer. My confidence level is a 7/10. Next. (Fade Play: El Conde)

Best Original Screenplay

The Favorite: The Holdovers -165

   The Holdovers just feels so different from the other entries. I am a little surprised by The Holdovers being the favorite but also feel Best Original Screenplay is weak this year. The Holdovers has the heart that the other movies lack. Looking at past winners, this category has a lot of winners that were good movies but failed to bring home much hardware outside of this award which gives credence to The Holdovers winning.

The Value: Maestro +2500

   Maestro has that artsy twist that Hollywood likes and has some great performances but it feels so flat. Maestro probably had the biggest budget and names but failed to captivate from the jump. This pick would purely be to bet Hollywood strokes its own ego.

The Dark Horse: Anatomy of a Fall +135

   Anatomy of a Fall feels more like a documentary than a movie at times as I got major Making a Murderer vibes. It meshes flashbacks, court scenes, and the current time making for an interesting movie worth a watch. I felt at times the camera lingered and scenes lasted too long as well as parts that come across as boring. While I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t watch it again.

The Holdovers oscars
The Holdovers Movie Poster

The Pick: The Holdovers -165

I’ll be honest, I feel that this award could go to anyone. The Holdovers has a lot of nominations and I don't see them winning anything outside of Supporting Actress and this award right here. My confidence level is a 4/10. (Fade Play: Past Lives)

Best Adapted Screenplay

The Favorite: Oppenheimer -115

   This is the Oppenheimer value you’re looking for. It’s going to win a lot of awards and it’s hard not to envision Oppenheimer winning here. It was just flat out better than all the other movies. 

The Value: Poor Things +600

   Poor Things is based on a book of the same name. It had to be difficult to take such a fantastical book and turn it into a movie that didn’t flop. This movie really stands out this year.

The Dark Horse: American Fiction +300

   American Fiction is an adaptation of the book Erasure. The diverse cast makes a hilarious movie about a struggling writer who finally starts to break through again by writing “more black”. The characters and script are fantastic.

American Fiction oscars
American Fiction Movie Poster

The Pick: American Fiction +300

Best Adapted Screenplay has gone to movies that were unique and not big award winners. I’m going with an Oppenheimer upset here and give some love to a movie that deserves it. My confidence is 4/10. (Fade Play: Barbie)

Best Animated Feature

The Favorite: Spider Man: Across the Spider-Verse -225

   Spider Man just won this award back in 2019. Spider Man has the furthest reach of all the movies and was enjoyed by all ages. Only two sequels have won this award. It’s about to be three.

The Value: Elemental +2800

   Elemental didn't get the same attention and fanfare that Inside Out got but personally I enjoyed Elemental more. While Inside Out won the Oscar their year, I struggle to believe Elemental will win. While it examines the class divide and racism, it isn’t as widely applicable in other situations. 

The Dark Horse: The Boy and the Heron +125

   The last Anime to win Best Animated Feature was Spirited Away back in 2003. The Boy and the Heron is an adventure where a young boy is dealing with the loss of his mother while coming to terms with his new mom and fitting in in a new location. While having odds close to Spider Man, I think this is closer to Elemental and would even put it behind Elemental. I can see The Boy and the Heron picking up steam but I don’t see it winning.

spider man oscars
Spider Man: Across the Spider-Verse Poster

The Pick: Spider Man:

Across the Spider-Verse -225

Spider Man did great at the box office and has been universally loved. I think this should be closer to a -500. My confidence level is a 7/10. (Fade Play: Nimona)

Best Documentary

The Favorite: 20 Days in Mariupol -600

   20 Days in Mariupol is the journey of an AP crew with cameras in the middle of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It gives you the images that were too graphic and triggering for the news and shows the heartbreaking effects of the war. This documentary gives you access to the atrocities happening overseas.  Due to some of the scenes in this documentary, I don't see how another documentary could beat it for years to come.

The Value: The Eternal Memory +700

   The Eternal Memory picked a bad year to come out as it’s a year filled with quality options. It’s a shame, as this documentary is absolutely award worthy. It documents a couple that slowly has one half fade into their Alzheimer's disease. They were both public figures so you get footage of them from multiple stages of life. It’s heartbreaking watching memories fade for one side while being heartwarming at the same time watching the enduring love of the other. The line has dropped from +900 to +700.

The Dark Horse: Four Daughters +800

   A tunisian mother has four daughters and the two oldest run away to join Isis. They are later jailed for terrorist association. One of the sisters was pregnant and had the baby in jail and has raised her baby in jail over the past 8 years. Yes you read that right. A child is growing up in a jail in the middle east. The younger two daughters lean more towards feminism and live with their mother. They blend first hand accounts with actors taking the place of their sisters and reenacting scenes. It’s an interesting story but an odd documentary.

20 Days in Mariupol oscars
20 Days in Mariupol Cover

The Pick: 20 Days in Mariupol -600

20 Days in Mariupol is just too significant to our current times to not win and is so incredibly impactful that I don’t think any past Oscar winner dating back to 1975 could beat this film. My confidence level is 10/10. (Fade Play: To Kill a Tiger)

Best Original Score

The Favorite: Oppenheimer -2000

   This score elevated an already amazing movie. Oppenheimer truly nailed everything this year. The song was clipped into endless memes but I still never got tired of the music. The orchestra's performance reminds me of the all time scores in the original Star Wars.

The Value: Poor Things +1200

  The Poor Things score is as interesting as the movie itself. While it is good, Poor Things heavily relies on its visuals and the melody didn’t stick with me for long. 

The Dark Horse: Killers of the Flower Moon +1100

   This might have fit the theme of the movie best. However, I didn’t find myself thinking about the score at all and ultimately forgot it entirely.

oppenheimer oscar winners
Oppenheimer Movie Poster

The Pick: Oppenheimer -2000

I guarantee most people that have seen all the entries will be able to think up and hum the Oppenheimer score over all the other entries. Is that because it’s the best or was used the most across social media? At the end of the day can they both be true and does it matter? My confidence level is 10/10. (Fade Play: Everything not Oppenheimer)

Best Sound

The Favorite: Oppenheimer -800

   How are the sound effects in Oppenheimer? Fantastic like everything else. From the explosion, ground shaking, and all the little intricacies of sound. Oppenheimer nailed it. 

The Value: Maestro +1400

   Maestro is sound heavy and focuses greatly on the music. Outside of the music, Maestro is pretty standard with sound.

The Dark Horse: The Creator +2500

   The Creator had to come up with the sound for all the AI, gun fire, missile fire, scanning, and much more. Creator did an amazing job but I’m not sure it was enough to surpass Oppenheimer.

oppenheimer oscar winners
Oppenheimer Movie Poster

The Pick: Oppenheimer -800

Oppenheimer put a lot of effort into the sound and visuals wanting to absolutely nail the realism of the creation of the atomic bomb. They did it. This is the type of movie that usually wins this award. My confidence level is 6.5/10. (Fade Play: The Zone of Interest)

Best Original Song

The Favorite: What Was I Made For? -600

   A powerful song from Barbie (by Billie Eilish) was used to empower the highest point in the movie. The song later became a trending song on TikTok and has stand alone value as an independent song not connected to the movie. It’s the only one that if you heard it on the radio, you may not connect it to the film.

The Value: I’m Just Ken +400

   From memes to SNL, I’m Just Ken has over 100 million streams on Spotify since the film came out in August. It’s incredibly catchy but like Ryan Gosling in Best Supporting Actor; I don’t see how I’m Just Ken beats What was I made for? when they are both in the same movie about female empowerment.

The Dark Horse: Wahzhazhe +2000

   This is definitely the most cultural song as it uses the traditional tribal instruments and language. I am a big fan of native american things and enjoyed the song and felt it had a big place in this movie. I think that is where its chances end though, since it can’t be understood by most and is not as impactful or culturally integrated as the two above.

Billie Eilish Oscars

The Pick: What Was I Made For? -600

   This is the only song that could be completely separated from its movie and still be impactful. The way it adds to the moment in the movie is absolutely Best Original Song worthy. My Confidence level is 8/10. (Fade Play: It never went away)

Awards without Odds Picks

Documentary Short Film: The Last Repair Shop

International Film: Society of the Snow

Where to Watch:

Oppenheimer - YouTube, Apple TV, Prime, Vudu, Google

Maestro - Netflix, Sling

Rustin - Netflix

The Holdovers - YouTube, Peacock, Vudu, Prime, Apple, Google

American Fiction - In Theaters

Killers of the Flower Moon - YouTube, Prime, Vudu, Apple, Google

Barbie - Max, Hulu, YouTube, Prime, Vudu, Apple, Google

Poor Things - In Theaters

Nyad - Netflix

Anatomy of a Fall - YouTube, Prime, Vudu, Apple, Google

The Color Purple - Max, YouTube, Prime, Vudu, Sling, Apple, Google

The Boy and the Heron - In Theaters

Elemental - Disney+, YouTube, Prime, Vudu, Apple, Google

Nimona - Netflix

Robot Dreams - Select Theaters

SPIDER-MAN: A THE SPIDER-V - Netflix, Prime, Vudu, Apple, Google

El Conde - Netflix

Napoleon - Youtube, Prime, Vudu, Apple, Google

The Zone of Interest - In Theaters


The Eternal Memory - Paramount+, YouTube, Prime, Vudu, Roku, Apple, Google

Four Daughters - YouTube, Prime, Vudu, Apple, Google

To Kill a Tiger - National Film Board of Canada

20 Days in Mariupol - YouTube, Prime, Vudu, Google

The ABC’s of Book Banning - Prime, Roku

The Barber of Little Rock - YouTube

Island in Between - YouTube

The Last Repair Shop - YouTube, Disney+, Hulu

NǍI NAI & WÀI PÓ - Disney+

Io Capitano - Opening in US Feb 23rd

Perfect Days - Apple

Society of the Snow - Netflix

The Teachers’ Lounge - Select Theaters

Golda - Showtime, YouTube, Paramount+, Prime, Hulu, Vudu, Fubo, Sling, Roku, Apple, Google

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny - Disney+, YouTube, Prime, Vudu, Apple, Google

Flamin’ Hot - Disney+, Hulu

American Symphony - Netflix

Letter to a Pig - Unifrance

Ninety-Five Senses - Roku

Our Uniform - Not Released Yet

Pachyderme - Vimeo

War is Over! - YouTube

The After - Netflix

Invincible - Not Released Yet

Knight of Fortune - YouTube

Red, White, and Blue - Prime

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar - Netflix

The Creator - YouTube, Prime, Hulu, Vudu, Apple, Google

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Paramount+, YouTube, Prime, Vudu, Roku, Apple, Google, 

Godzilla Minus One - In Theaters

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 - Disney+, YouTube, Prime, Vudu, Apple, Google

May December - Netflix

Past Lives - Prime, Vudu, Apple, Google


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