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The Crew

Ben Bentley

Ben specializes in NFL, NHL, Fantasy Football, DFS, and MMA bets. He is also known for constantly hitting on obscure bets and finding outliers. He is a die-hard Kansas City sports fan who runs our graphics and edits the shows.

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Ethan Bainbridge

Ethan specializes in NFL, NHL, Racing, and NCAA Football/Basketball bets. Ethan is the King of stats and digs into the numbers to help the team find an edge. He roots for the Detroit Lions and Michigan State when he isn't throwing out winners in our Discord.

sports betting

Wyatt Batdorff

Wyatt specializes in college  sports and  NFL bets. As a former college athlete, Wyatt has an inside track on the NCAA Football and Basketball programs. He roots for the University of Michigan and the Detroit Lions. If you like sports and Wyatt looks familiar, you have probably seen him killing it with his content on TikTok.

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Bullshido Bobby

Bobby is ex-military and has been closely following the UFC and combat sports for the past 6 years. Bobby trains himself in an MMA gym and spends his time watching fight tapes and choking out alligators. Bobby Co-Hosts Tapping Vegas where he gives you the bets you need for  the upcoming UFC card.


Noel Guerra

Noel is the NBA expert for Bettor in Green. He has been producing NBA content for the last 4 years and has been an avid follower for 21 years. Noel roots for the Wizards as his main team but also cheers for the Patriots and Phillies. Noel is a must follow on Twitter and a must tail on the sportsbooks.

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