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BIG Shows

   Bettor in Green began the first year as an all encompassing sports betting show. As the brand grew, Bettor in Green became the umbrella company for multiple different shows on YouTube and Audio platforms. Bettor in Green proudly brings you these following shows as well as individual videos and more.

NFL Podcast logo

   Intentional Lounging is BIG's flagship program covering the NFL season from the Draft through the Super Bowl. Ben, Ethan, and Wyatt host this fan favorite that includes weekly drafts and games on Ethan's OnlyHands segments.

college football podcast

   Power 5 Picks covers college football throughout the season and breaks down every bowl game to keep you in the middle of the action! Get field level with the games, transfers and more with Wyatt and Ethan!

college basketball podcast

   Getting Technical gets you courtside to the betting action in college basketball! From regular season to March Madness, Ethan and Wyatt have everything you need!

UFC podcast

   Are you ready to submit Vegas in the octagon? Join Ben and Bobby as they give you all the insights you could need when betting on the worlds top ultimate fighters!

Blue Black Minimalist Number One Logo (2).png

5 Minute Wager is the fast paced break down of hockey action going on in the NHL! Enjoy 6 plays, multiple times a week. as well as a high odds open net play!

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