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Buy/Sell Fantasy Stocks: Week 10

fantasy football trades

The waiver wire is a blast every week but nothing feels the same as pulling off a trade! Finding the right compensation can be tough and coming to an agreement is even harder. While we would all love to trade for Justin Jefferson, these articles are based around players that with the right compensation, are attainable. Each week throughout the season, I'll give you three buy and sell candidates.


Bijan Robinson, RB

Bijan has been splitting nearly half the carries with Allgeier all season and I don’t see that changing barring an injury. However, Bijan has mostly put up RB2 or better numbers each week this season and the split in his workload is going to help keep him fresh and generally healthier. He isn’t what people drafted him to be but he isn’t a bust either. Take advantage of the frustration and get yourself a weekly starter.

Quentin Johnston, WR

The Chargers are running out of guys to throw to. They have to throw it to their first round pick now and he looked fairly decent against a tough Jets defense. If Johnston is going to make it in the NFL, he needs to take advantage of this opportunity and ball out. Otherwise, he could be looking to be out of the league sooner rather than later.

Dalton Kincaid, TE

Kincaid has 26 targets over the last 3 games and Allen looks to be wanting to go to his rookie TE often. Especially in the red zone. Allen wanted the Bills to draft Kincaid and Knox may be on the outside looking in when he returns as these two have been excellent. Take the opportunity to grab a talented TE with an elite QB.


Gus Edwards, RB

Gus has 6 TDs in the last three games! He has been on an absolute tear and with this Ravens defense, he is a popular name due to his safe floor. I’m getting out before people see how split the opportunities are in Baltimore and he is no longer masked by his insane TD numbers.

Deandre Hopkins, WR

Age, rookie QB, struggling offense, and defense that was stripped at the trade deadline. I don’t like the Titans and want to get rid of Hopkins while his insane game 2 weeks ago is still fresh in people's heads. He has scored single digits in 5 of 8 games this season.

Davante Adams, WR

Trade him or bench him. Adams is killing fantasy lineups and with the QB change, this is a lost year for Adams. He has a pretty tough schedule going forward as well. He has a week 13 Bye so you’ll be without him down the stretch one way or another. I’m trying to get as much as I can for him now.

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