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Draft Domination from the 6th Pick!

fantasy football draft advice

Fantasy football draft season is upon us, and with it comes the quest to assemble a championship-caliber team. With the right draft strategy, you can set yourself up for success from the sixth overall pick. In this article, we will guide you through the best fantasy football draft strategy for each pick in 15 rounds, ensuring you build a competitive team capable of dominating your league.

Round 1: The Game Wrecker

The safe top tier RBs and Kelce are gone at this point. I’m going to go for one of the big-name receivers here. Chase is incredibly talented but is also in a crowded receiving room. I’m going to take the guy who can single handedly win me a game and is virtually un-guardable.

Pick: Tyreek Hill

Round 2: Double Me Bro

We’re going double receiver to start the draft! We can get another stud receiver here and the options will be plentiful. I’m leaning Olave here, as he had over 1k yards last year with poor QB play and now he will have Carr and a healthy Thomas to pull attention away from him. Even if Thomas doesn’t stay healthy, Olave just gets more work.

Pick: Chris Olave

Round 3: Full RB Fade

Yes, we’re tripling down on receiver and we are going to have a NASTY receiving core. While he isn’t the team’s number 1 receiver, he still had the 9th most receptions in the league. Finish off WR here.

Pick: DeVonta Smith

Round 4-5: Baby needs Back

It’s RB time (shoots finger guns into air). We are targeting the RBs who may have questions but we know they are going to be the main guy pounding the rock. There is a ton of value to harvest here!

Picks: Cam Akers & James Cook

Round 6: High Upside QB

I’m happy to take a QB who has a plethora of weapons and will throw the ball all over the field. The best TEs are gone so I’ll snag a QB here.

Pick: Justin Herbert

Round 7-8: Run Run Run

I’m using these next two picks to get high upside backs to complement and spot fill for my starters.

Pick: Khalil Herbert & Antonio Gibson

Round 9-13: Flexpresso with a Hint of TE

It’s time to start stock piling depth. This area is where you should draft on a players opportunity share. There are a lot of talented guys, but if you don’t get the ball then what’s the point? We also need to get a TE or two.

Picks: Zay Flowers, Dalton Schultz, Tank Bigsby, Tyler Higbee, Hunter Renfrow

Round 14: It’s Kicker Time

Even in a perfect world where every team waits until the final two rounds to draft a K and Def, you aren’t getting the best of either. That’s ok. Both of these positions are extremely stream able and should be streamed according to circumstance. I lean taking a K first as weather is the main thing that turns me off from a kicker. A good defense match up could mean more FG opportunities, so it balances out. I don’t care if I have the best defense in fantasy, I’m not playing them against Mahomes or any top tier talented offense. If you stream whichever defense plays Arizona each week this season, I guarantee you will have more points than whatever the top scoring DST team gets. Shoot for Kickers who play in domes. Otherwise, just get the kicker linked to the best offense available.

Pick: Daniel Carlson

Round 15: Draft your Week 1 DST

You’re going to stream defense all year, and you can because you’ll have time since the rest of your team is solid. Look at the Week 1 schedule and pick which teams are playing offenses that should be bad due to either a rookie QB or lack of play making options. The top options will be gone but you can get a team like the Commanders who have a good defense and are playing the Cardinals offense with their QB coming off a torn ACL and an offense in general disarray.

Pick: Washington Commanders

Congrats, you have a team ready to compete for a championship!

fantasy pros mock draft

1:06 Tyreek Hill

2:07 Chris Olave

3:06 DeVonta Smith

4:07 Cam Akers

5:06 James Cook

6:07 Justin Herbert

7:06 Khalil Herbert

8:07 Antonio Gibson

9:06 Zay Flowers

10:07 Dalton Schultz

11:06 Tank Bigsby

12:07 Tyler Higbee

13:06 Hunter Renfrow

14:07 Daniel Carlson

15:06 Washington Commanders

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