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GMR's Premium Picks for Allen vs Curtis 2

TheGMReports Sports Betting Picks

We went up over 15 units in the last three weeks. Let's keep the good times rolling!

Walker/Brzeski U 1.5 (+140)

   Waker is making his UFC debut and Brzeski has been wildly underwhelming since he joined the UFC. Vegas is predicting this to be like the Loughran/Pacheco fight last week where neither fighter is very good so it will go to decision and last week I agreed and it was one of my premium plays. KaChing! Why do I think this fight will be any different? First off, it’s a heavyweight match and heavyweights see the highest numbers on finishes of all weight divisions. Second, is that Brzeski was just chinned in the first by a whelming opponent that didn’t have the gas and excitement of Walker making his debut. KO or Sub take your pick, but Walker is going to have a quick night. It’s an apex card after all.

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