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GMR's Premium Picks for UFC 297

TheGMReports Sports Betting Picks

 In this exclusive article, I invite you to elevate your sports betting experience to new heights. Gone are the days of relying on mere chance; it's time to make informed decisions that resonate with the heartbeat of the sporting world. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or an eager newcomer, our premium insights are tailored to meet the needs of the discerning sports enthusiast. My max play and largest bet of 2023 was a resounding win that I hope you tailed!

The Safety Upset: Dricus Du Plessis to Win by Finish +130 (2 Units)

This line has moved so much from the beginning of the week that it's at almost even odds. Money has been pouring in on the underdog Dricus, the only question is: Is that because people are thinking Dricus is better and will win or is it just Sean Strickland hate? At this point if you want to bet a side and not method, Sean Strickland is the side to be on with that value. Why? Because all three winning methods are available to Sean, where there is really only two ways for Dricus to win and that is by finishing Strickland. It's evident by Dricus having +900 odds to win by decision. Dricus doesn't have the gas tank to keep up with Strickland and judges have a tendency to give decision wins to the defending champs unless you outright take their lunch money for 5 rounds. I heavily lean the KO/TKO/DQ but to be safe I'll be on Du Plessis by finish. Sean walks forward with his hands down and that reared it's ugly head in his fight against Pereira. Dricus has remained a stone cold killer waiting for this moment whereas Sean lost his cool at the press conference, jumped over seats to fight Dricus ringside at another UFC event, and Sean even went as far as threatening to stab him. That being said, I do still like the idea of live betting/hedging with a Strickland ML bet if this fight goes past the third. Take Du Plessis by finish and ride a 15 minute long emotional rollercoaster right along side me!

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