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NBA Player Props 4/1

Jalen Duren goes up and throws home a dunk
By: Cody Taylor, USA Today

Today is April Fool's, but these props are no joke with how they can finish. I was very confident in Devin Booker's assists last week, but he fell short of four. Then there was Gary Trent Jr., who had 17 points going into the fourth quarter when we only needed 20. Unfortunately, he finished with 18 points, just shy of the 20-point total. 

We ended up going 2-2 with Jalen Green and Nikola Vucevic hitting their totals. However, that was in the past. We are ready to move onward to tonight with a six-game slate. The season is close to the finish line, which means some teams might be trying stuff, while others might be on cruise control. Some of the usual players you bank on might not be able to be trusted for the next two weeks. Take some risks with these props. 

Jalen Duren 12+ Rebounds (-160)

The Detroit Pistons are not as bad as their record indicates. They have true talent and a core that the organization can build with for the future. One of those cornerstones is Jalen Duren. You would be surprised to know that Duren is top five in rebounds per game. He is a monster on the glass. 

Tonight he goes up against the Memphis Grizzlies; a team that is second to last in rebounds allowed per game. The Grizzlies have no size down low with the loss of Steven Adams at the beginning of the season. They are getting some of their big men back, but they are not excellent rebounders or physically imposing. 

Duren is averaging 12 rebounds a game but is averaging 14.1 rebounds in his last 10 games. He is a menace crashing the boards. Duren should give the Grizzlies trouble all night and hit the 12 rebounds as long as Monty Williams lets him play. 

Bogdan Bogdanovic 20+ Points (-130)

Everyone was talking about Dejounte Murray a few nights ago after he dropped 44 points to rally the Atlanta Hawks to come back and take down the number one team in the league, the Boston Celtics. However, I am going with Bogdan Bogdanovic today against the Chicago Bulls. 

In two games against the Bulls this season, Bogdan is averaging 25 points. The thing that interests me about this prop is the original line. He is slated at 20.5 points, which he has not been at in his last 10 games. The line is a little bit intriguing and makes me want to take the 20+ points just to play it safe. 

Murray is going to need help and Bogdan is the perfect candidate to alleviate the scoring load. Bogdan can be inconsistent with his shot, but for two straight games, he has been on fire. It is great to ride the hot hand who has a great matchup and a fishy line. 

Jusuf Nurkic Over 9.5 Rebounds (-120)

Jusuf Nurkic is not a player you can blindly bet on without knowing the matchup and who he is as a player. Tonight is one of those matchups that can see Nurkic get minutes for this Phoenix Suns team. Against certain teams like the OKC Thunder can be a challenge for him to get 25+ minutes due to Chet Holmgren stretching the floor and having to respect him far from the paint. 

The Suns play the New Orleans Pelicans tonight, who are a paint-oriented team. Jonas Valanciunas is going to get the start for the Pelicans. Nurkic can easily sag off of him and just stand in the paint waiting to gobble every rebound possible. However, the Pelicans can go small, but even in a small lineup against the Pelicans can see Nurkic maintain minutes. 

Zion Williamson is not going to shoot outside of the paint, which means Nurkic can still stay in there and contest any drives and grab some rebounds. In one previous game, Nurkic snagged 15 rebounds on this Pelicans squad. Furthermore, he is averaging 11.2 rebounds per game in his last 10 games. 

This is somewhat similar to the Duren 12+ rebounds prop bet. Both players can get their respective numbers. It all depends on how much their coach is going to play them and trust them. If Nurkic is to get 25 minutes or more, I can see him grabbing 10 rebounds and even ladder it up to 14. Let's hope they play the big man in Phoenix. 


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