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NHL Value Plays

*I will be betting every single Underdog ML in Meaningless NHL Games Today*

The NHL regular season ends tomorrow with a majority of teams finishing their season schedules today. Playoff Hockey can't come soon enough, but don't miss out on the opportunity today to make a lot of money!

Every team knows whether they got into the playoffs or not at this point in the season, and there are only 6 games out of the 15 today that have seeding implications. The NHL isn't quite like the NBA in regard to end of season play, because the NHL is a respectable sport, and they still try even with nothing on the line. HOWEVER, I still believe there is a lot of value in today's underdogs.

Hockey is very similar to soccer and baseball, where the better team can dominate the entire game, have more shots on goal or hits, and still lose because of one lucky play. Because of this, underdog money line's rarely get above +250 odds.

Even with the lack of value in the dogs ML, I will be taking each underdog to win in meaningless games and will record my record for future use.

Favorite Underdogs:

As said before, I WILL BE TAKING EVERY SINGLE UNDERDOG IN MEANINGLESS GAMES, but my favorite plays are listed below in case you don't have the balls to follow all of them.

  • DET ML (+200)

  • CHI ML (+100)

  • CBJ ML (+170)

For $100 bets, betting every single meaningless underdog (9 games), pays out a potential $2,295.50.

Win and Clinch Division:

There are six games on tonight's slate that have seeding implications, so I will stay away from these matchups.


  • CAR can win Metropolitan with a win

  • OR with 1 pt & a NJD L

  • OR with a NJD L in regulation


  • NJD can win metropolitan with a win AND a CAR loss

  • OR with 1 pt & a CAR loss in regulation


  • VGK can clinch Pacific with 1 pt

  • OR EDM L


  • EDM can clinch Pacific with win AND VGK loss in regulation


  • DAL can clinch Central with win AND COL L in regulation

  • OR with 1 pt, AND col L in regulation


  • COL can clinch Central with win AND DAL L in regulation

It also should be mentioned that overs also have descent value today. With teams not caring and potentially starters getting rested, or minutes limited for teams that have secured playoff spots, we could see some high scoring games.

As always, Good Luck and Good Scores!


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