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Ranking MLB City Connect Jerseys!

BIG creation

There are currently 20 City Connect Jerseys in the MLB giving fans a much-needed break from their traditional uniforms over the course of the 162-game season. Some are homeruns while others struck out looking. Let's dive in.

20. Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox City Connect

Boston decided to try to be the viral Savannah Bananas and ditch both the red and the sox. They went with yellow and blue because that is the colors for the Boston Marathon. In addition to being just an ugly jersey, it seems like a reach.

19. Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers City Connect

They did it everybody! They found a way to barely make any changes to their standard jersey but also make it worse. It's boring, they added sweat stains to the arms, but at least they stuck with their team colors.

18. Miami Marlins

Marlins City Connect

I like what the Marlins did here. They have pretty cool normal jerseys, so they decided to completely fumble the bag here. Cinnamon gum looking head ass jerseys.

17. San Francisco Giants

Giants City Connect

Ok no joking, we finally have at least a decent aspect of a jersey here. The bridge on the arms and the way it fades looks amazing. Thats where the design crew stopped though. They added it to a plain white jersey. The G with the gradient is meh, and very underwhelming on an already plain jersey.

16. Atlanta Braves

Braves City Connect

Yes, the A does stand for "a little below average". This is significantly worse than their traditional jerseys. The A with red, white, and blue is the Official jersey of the 4th of July.

15. Colorado Rockies

Rockies City Connect

Ok here is a cool concept! The mountains are just way too high. It looks like the mountains are going to choke you. Also, that font is incredibly boring. Close to a good jersey but it came out looking like a toddler swim shirt.

14. Texas Rangers

Rangers City Connect

I am a sucker for vintage cream-colored jerseys. Remove the right arm and the chest section and that is literally all the jersey is! A single-colored plain jersey. This one isn't good. It just isn't as bad as the others.

13. Chicago White Sox

White Sox City Connect

Cool affliction shirt Dad! Seriously, this jersey will be worn to more UFC fights than MLB games. They kept their colors and the sock though, so this one is miles ahead of Boston.

12. Baltimore Orioles

Orioles City Connect

To me, this is the first jersey that isn't a meme. The Orioles choose a great font and compliment it with a great all black jersey. They lose points like the Rangers above from playing it too safe and besides a few details, it's just a plain colored jersey.

11. Seattle Mariners

Mariners City Connect

Seattle, you were so close! I love the PNW patch on the arm and color scheme. The all-lower-case letters drives me crazy though. The patch saves this from being among the basement dwellers of jerseys.

10. San Diego Padres

Padres City Connect

Finally, a bold take to make a truly alternative jersey! I love the use of two colors that we rarely see in sports. It gives off a neon/Lazer tag feeling! The font is great as well adding to that nostalgia feeling! This is a fun jersey and a collector's dream.

9. Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh City Connect

Pittsburgh's black and yellow scheme across all their pro sports is truly special. If the Pirates were going to do an alternative jersey, this was the only way to go. Iconic.

8. Washington Nationals

Nationals City Connect

The Cherry Blossom pattern over the entire jersey was a risk but it paid off. This jersey masterfully blends the shades of grey with the faded pink to be detailed but not overpowering. This jersey is beautiful, but I feel it fails to encapsulate the feeling of our nation's capital. Can the Braves and Nationals do some swapping?

7. Los Angeles Angels

Angels City Connect

Now this is how you do a cream retro jersey! The red and blue play in great and the haloed A makes in instantly recognizable. My only issues are that the writing on the front and back are such stark differences and the Angels on the front's font is ugly. It makes it look like more of a burger shack uniform than a baseball jersey.

6. Chicago Cubs

Cubs City Connect

I love the phrase Wrigleyville and to have it in the same shape as the iconic Wrigley Field sign is just. Chef's kiss. The "respect our neighborhood" on the bottom in red is a nice touch connecting with the surrounding community and their pride in their team.

5. Cincinatti Reds

Reds City Connect

This one gets a lot of hate, but I personally love the blackout and the red and white accents. The mostly black and red is always an intimidating look. I love how they also opted to go with the abbreviated city name in Cincy.

4. Kansas City Royals

Royals City Connect

Sure, they might stink, but at least they can look good while doing so. The city of fountains has a complex yet easy to read KC on the chest referencing the cascading water. They also throw in the retro logo and an actual fountain on the bottom for good measure.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona City Connect

The S in the name being a snake and underlining the word is the best aspect of any of these jerseys, even above the final two. They have the Arizona flag on one arm and the teams A on the other. This one is an elite jersey beating out all of the other southwest pro teams' jerseys, regardless of sport.

2. Houston Astros

Astros City Connect

This one would probably be number one if it wasn't for the ugly grid lines on the arms. The yellow to red fading of the striping and numbering is so well done. The obvious nod to NASA in Space City with the NASA font is out of this world.

1. Milwaukee Brewers

Brewers City Connect

I mean come on. Where do I begin? The powder blue-yellow combo? The custom Font? The name on the front being the fan-given nickname? The tailgating/baseball grill patch? The fact the sleeves colors represent a beer and the head of the beer?!? Honestly, this should be their new home jerseys.

Let me know what you think!

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