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UFC 303-DFS Plays and Fades

TheGMReports Sports Betting Picks
Draft Kings

I've recently got into setting six player DFS lineups on DK for each MMA card and boy is that market ripe for the picking. Already finishing with lineups in the top 10% of rosters, It's time to get you guys in on the action as well. Real quick scoring overview: Fighters get .2 points for strikes and sig strikes, +0..03 pts/second of control time, 5 pts for TDs, 5 pts for reversals, and 10 pts for knockdowns. The earlier a fight ends, the more bonus points you receive. With this scoring, hesitant strikers that back up will single handedly sink your roster. I'm looking for wrestlers and guys with knockout power.

Every Lineup Fighter: Jean Silva, $7,900, (-102)

I know he has only had one fight in the UFC but to be leading the entire card in fantasy points per fight with some of the names on this list (Prochazka, Talbott, Pereira, Pyfer) is very impressive. He is right in the middle of the card in cost and has shown he can secure TDs and get KDs to have an extremely high ceiling. I also think he is very live to get an early stoppage with a KO of Jourdain. Silva has the upside and price point that I can't build a roster without him.

Value Fighter: Jiri Prochazka, $7,700, (+124)

Jiri was live to beat Pereira in the first fight but got caught, ending his night early. I can see the fortunes turning for Jiri here and in a 5 round fight, someone is going night-night. Jiri is currently priced among the other underdogs and beneath the likes of Ortega and Smith which I find baffling. Jiri will have the volume, the grappling edge to possibly get you a few TDs, and the KO power to score multiple bonuses at a dirt cheap price.

Fade Fighter: Payton Talbott, $9,800, (-1650)

A bit of a cop out as Talbott is the most expensive and highest favorite on the card but he is here for a reason. Picking him for your lineup at nearly $10K you have a 60 second window for him to pay off at that price. He isn't a master grappler and is a flashy striker, not a volume based fighter. You need him to get the extra 25 pts by a first 60 seconds KO since you'll only be getting fractional points for strikes and if he does get a KD, it could easily end by a TKO by volume and his night and points are done. He is way to expensive and carries too much risk for me to have him in my lineups. His roster ownership is an unbelievable 94%, Zig while they Zag and set your lineup apart and win some money!

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