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Women's World Cup: Finishing the Round of 16!

Women's world cup

I unfortunately predicted that Sweden would knock off the US women in the Round of 16 and was correct. Since I hit a single bet on the Women's World Cup, it only means one thing, I will be covering the rest of this tournament. As one of the leading experts on the topic, I'm going to break down the final two games of the Round of 16.

Columbia (-200) vs Jamaica (+160)

Jamaica made it to the Round of 16 by scoring just one goal in a 1-0 win over Panama. Outside of that, they finished their other two games in 0-0 ties vs France and Brazil. While it is impressive that they avoided taking an L against those two opponents, they will have to score to win and avoid elimination. Colombia on the other hand has scored 4 goals and beat a Germany team that ranked second on Columbia will be sending Jamaica home in what could end up a rout.

Safe Play: Columbia Advance -200

Value Play: Columbia ML (regular time) +105

Risky Header: Columbia -2.5 +950

Something to chew on: Columbia to win in Reg (+105) vs to win in OT (+1300)

France (-1400) vs Morocco (+750)

Believe it or not, I think France is going to win this game. Morocco beat Columbia who I was raving about above 1-0. They also got dismantled by Germany to the tune of 0-6. France has yet to lose but did pull a draw against Jamaica to open group play. Since then they have doubled their opponents score 2-2 and 6-3 against Brazil and Panama. This game is not going to OT.

Safe Play: France W & O 2.5 GS -180

Value Play: O 2.5 French Goals -130

Risky Header: France W from Behind +700

Something to chew on: France O 0.5 goals (-4000) vs Morocco O 0.5 goals (+110)

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Aaron Bainbridge
Aaron Bainbridge
Aug 08, 2023

Will be on “To Advance” and the ML for Columbia. Also looking at Columbia 1st half ML +200

Ben Bentley
Ben Bentley
Aug 08, 2023
Replying to

Love it! I don't see Jamaica scoring, let alone winning.

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