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April BIG Monthly Betting Review!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Monthly Sports Betting Review

The following is a breakdown of Bettor in Green’s performance for the month of March as a team and individuals. Each month’s article will feature this breakdown as well as the growth of the Bettor in Green community.

Green Team Total: 73 – 59 – 2

Daily Picks: 25-24

Daily Locks: 16-6

Ben: 11-9-1

Ethan: 9-11-1

Wyatt: 12-9

Monthly Lesson: The Daily Locks are money and after a poor March, the boys bounced back.

Ben’s Record: 11-9-1

NHL: 7-2-1

MLB: 0-3

NBA: 0-1

NFL: 4-2

Masters: 0-1

Breakdown: Besides a poor performance on the MLB in his BIG 3, he’s been great on MLB in the Daily Picks. He had an impressive 4-2 record betting a highly unpredictable NFL Draft. The highlight for his past month has to be him getting money back in 80% of his NHL bets in March.

Ethan’s Record: 9-11-1

NHL: 6-6-1

MLB: 2-2

CBB: 0-1

XFL: 0-1

Masters: 0-1

MSP*: 0-1

Breakdown: Like Ben above, Ethan’s BIG 3 have struggled. However, he’s been the Master Mind behind the 16-6 Daily Locks. Ethan uploaded some instant reactions that helped boost BIG to a new level this month. He had a near .500 month and will look to carry over his Daily Lock success rate into all his bets in May!

Wyatt’s Record: 12-9

NHL: 5-5

NBA: 3-2

CBB: 3-0

Masters: 1-1

MSP*: 0-1

Breakdown: Wyatt is on a two-month streak of being the most accurate host on Bettor in Green. He was the only one to hit a Master's bet and went all in on UCONN which paid him out a huge 3-0 week. He started BIG’s Daily Picks show increasing the number of winning picks and the shows exposure. April was the month of Wyatt!

Bettor in Green April Community Growth:

YouTube Subscribers: 207 (+61)

YouTube Views: 33,500 (+13,002)

TikTok Followers: 119 (+55)

TikTok Views: 32,000 (+14,000)

Total April Views: 118,649

Make sure you are subscribed to Bettor in Green and follow us on all platforms!

*MSP= Multi Sport Parlay

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