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March BIG Monthly Betting Review!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The following is a breakdown of the Bettor in Green’s performance for the month of March as a team and individuals. Each month’s article will feature this breakdown as well as the growth of the Bettor in Green community.

Green Team: 29-29-1

Daily Locks: 5-1

Ben: 8-9-1

Ethan: 7-11

Wyatt: 9-9

Monthly Lesson: After not having a single losing week since 2022, March reminded the team why you can never get too comfortable.

Ben’s Record: 8-9-1

NHL: 2-2

NBA: 1-2

CBB: 3-4

MSP*: 1-0

LAX: 0-1-1

Academy Awards: 1-0

Breakdown: Ben broke off of the beaten path and was perfect until a disappointing LAX performance. Coming off a fantastic NFL season and betting in one of the craziest March Madness in history, a bounce back is more than expected.

Ethan’s Record: 7-11

NHL: 2-1

NBA: 1-1

MLB: 1-0

CBB: 3-8

XFL: 0-1

Breakdown: Ethan leaned in hard to March Madness and was just one of the millions of people that got beat by the unpredictability of this year’s tournament. If anybody says they got out of March Madness unscathed this year, they are lying. It’s worth noting, Ethan had a winning record in the MLB and NHL while also being the mastermind behind the 5-1 daily locks.

Wyatt’s Record: 9-9

NHL: 3-2

NBA: 2-1

CBB: 4-6

Breakdown: Wyatt broke even and had the best month on the team. Like Ben and Ethan, Wyatt took a majority of his losses in this years insane March Madness tournament. With winning records in the NHL and NBA, Wyatt looks to make it two straight months of being the most accurate bettor on the show!

Bettor in Green March Community Growth:

YouTube Subscribers: 146 (+32)

YouTube Views: 20,498

TikTok Followers: 64 (+39)

TikTok Views: 18,000

Make sure you are subscribed to Bettor in Green and follow us on all platforms!

*MSP= Multi Sport Parlay

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