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Ben's 7 Reactions to NFL Week 1

Ben's NFL reactions

It's baaaaaack. The fan favorite article from Cooper Sports makes it's debut on! Ben gives 7 quick reactions to the previous week of NFL football and what it means for the league going forward.

1. Vikings are the USC of the NFL.

The Vikings showed us back at the draft that they were doubling down on their offense by selecting Jordan Addison (fitting the USC theme) instead of opting for a defensive player to improve their 30th ranked defense. They are going to have to outgun every team they play to win this season and any hitches in the offense are going to prove costly. If defense wins championships, the Vikings might as well head to the concessions stand for some nachos.

2. Avoid Bills games if you hate Tragedy.

In the last few seasons we've seen a 13 second playoff collapse, Aaron Rodgers SZN end after three snaps, and Damar Hamlin getting traded to the Savannah Spirits mid game before thankfully returning to the Bills. In a game where the Jets could not have got any lower, Allen helped out with 4 turnovers resulting in an OT loss for the Bills. Bills games are becoming as wild as their fans.

3. The Giants are in Purgatory.

You may want to say they are in hell after that 40-0 spanking but i say not quite. They are in a division with the Cowboys and Eagles defenses and are now stuck with Daniel Jones and his bloated contract. Saquon or no Saquon, the Giants are not playoff contenders and won't be for years to come. They need too much help on both sides of the ball and have fallen too far behind in the divisional race. In a watered down NFC, frustration is going to lead to a lot of organizational changes.

4. Falcons are leading the league in Rushing Yards.

The Falcons are going to try to grind out ugly games all season and use Ridder as sparingly as possible, and it just might work. Bijan and Allgeier should both see north of 1k rushing yards this season. The recipe to beat the Falcons is as clear as can be. Take an early lead and watch them implode.

5. Stroud will finish with under 20 TDs and over 50 sacks.

Hate on Ohio State all you want, but you can't say they don't consistently produce sub average QBs. The Texans were always going to be bad this season but Stroud looks TERRIBLE. The O-line is not helping him at all and his lack of offensive options is glaring. Stroud may as well be called David Carr 2.0.

6. The Cardinals this year are last years Falcons.

Are they bad? Yes. Should they tank? Also yes. Are they tanking? No. In fact they're covering spreads. They have a coach that is as inspiring as a Bob Ross video yet the team came to play Week 1 and should continue to do so. They are still the favorites to have the worst season in the NFL, but that gap just shrunk.

7. The AFC North could finish in any order.

There is no clear top team, nor is their a bottom feeder. The favorite Bengals got blown out and embarrassed by the Cleveland Elves, the Steelers battled tough against a top tier 49ers team, and the Ravens struggled with the lowly Texans. All of these teams could finish first or last in their division and it wouldn't be a surprise. It could be an ugly season for the AFC North with the winner coming down to muddied tie breakers.

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