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August BIG Monthly Betting Review!

BIG Betting Review

The following is a breakdown of the Bettor in Green’s performance for the month of August as a team and individuals. Each month’s article will feature this breakdown as well as the growth of the Bettor in Green community.

Green Team Total: 45-36 (.555)

Ben: 14-13

Ethan: 14-13

Wyatt: 17-10

Monthly Lesson: We’re getting hot with our MLB Picks.

Ben’s Record: 14-13

MLB: 4-2

MMA: 0-1

WNBA: 2-0

NFL: 1-5

Soccer: 4-4

CFB: 3-1

Breakdown: Ben’s streak of Host of the Month comes to an end, but he managed to stay profitable on a rough month. The unpredictability of the NFL preseason sunk him. He will look to rebound and have another stellar NFL season. Ben finishes Season 1 with the most win reaching 100 wins on the last week.

Ethan’s Record: 14-13

MLB: 6-6

NFL: 6-5

CFB: 2-2

Breakdown: Ethan has been right on the heels of the Host of the Month in back-to-back months. Ethan had a huge comeback during the second half of Season 1 to end with a winning record on the year. Don’t be surprised if Ethan wins the first Host of the Month in Season 2.

Wyatt’s Record: 17-10

MLB: 7-3

WNBA: 0-1

NFL: 6-4

CFB: 4-2

Breakdown: Wyatt wins host of the month for the last month of Bettor in Green, Season 1! He won 4 months out of 6. He killed the MLB and was profitable in both pro and college football. Wyatt will be a force in Season 2. Wyatt also created two viral videos getting over 100k views helping the brand reach new heights.

Bettor in Green March Community Growth:

YouTube Subscribers: 301 (+24)

YouTube Views: 23,400 (+3,700)

TikTok Followers: 290 (+140)

TikTok Views: 404,000 (+394,000)

Total August Views: 593,986 (*New Record*)

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