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Ben's 7 Reactions to NFL Week 2

Week 2 NFL Reactions

It's baaaaaack. The fan favorite article from Cooper Sports makes it's debut on! Ben gives 7 quick reactions to the previous week of NFL football and what it means for the league going forward.

1. The Bengals will miss the playoffs.

The Bengals are 0-2 and look completely out of sync. Now Joe is either confirming or truly reinjured his calf and could miss time. This offensive line is terrible and after watching the Browns, Steelers, and Ravens defenses; I'm concerned they could go 0-6 in their own division. The AFC is nails and the Bengals are quickly running out of time to right the ship.

2. The Cowboys are for real.

I thought the Cowboys and Jets game would be close with both teams having elite defenses. That was not the case. The Cowboys are flat out better than most other teams and have dominated their opponents in back to back games. The offense can be shaky at times but Dan Quinn's defense looks unbeatable.

3. The Chargers coaching will cost them the season.

The Chargers on paper have one of the best teams in the entire league, yet are 0-2 to start the year. Brandon Staleys chair is getting scalding hot, so hot, he may not last the season. The schedule they have is brutal and after a loss to the Titans, they could come undone fast.

4. The Saints are the league's median team.

The Saints at 2-0 seem to be the team placed perfectly in the middle of the league. They will beat the lower half teams with their rookie QBs and struggling offenses and they will lose to all the teams above them. There is no error of margin against good teams and Derek Carr has not impressed. I don’t expect many surprises from NOLA this season.

5. The Chiefs offense is in trouble.

They still have Patrick Mahomes so don’t go too crazy. Kelce returning helped them big time but the special team and offensive miscues are killing them. While catching improved, the Chiefs lack consistent and reliable playmakers on the perimeter which will cost them in close games.

6. Eric Bienemy is saving Ron Rivera.

The Commanders are 2-0 and look to have a competent offense. Ron Rivera was on his way out of Washington due to majorly underperforming since taking over. Bienemy gives Rivera the chance to focus on the defensive side of the ball and balance out the team. I believe we will see the Commanders offense continue to develop and get better as the season goes on.

7. The 49ers have no weakness.

They have one of the best defenses in the league, one of the best offensive lines, the best core of weapons, oh and a rookie kicker banging home 50 yard field goals. The 49ers truly have no weakness and I believe, currently, they should be the Super Bowl favorites.

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