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Draft Domination from the 8th Pick!

Fantasy Football Draft Advice

Fantasy football draft season is upon us, and with it comes the quest to assemble a championship-caliber team. With the right draft strategy, you can set yourself up for success from the eighth overall pick. In this article, we will guide you through the best fantasy football draft strategy for each pick in 15 rounds, ensuring you build a competitive team capable of dominating your league.

Round 1: Elite Pairing

We’re going to start the draft by getting an elite WR who is the unquestioned #1 on his team paired with an elite QB with a cannon arm.

Pick: Stefon Diggs

Round 2: Receiver 1B

We are fading RB to start and getting another top 12 receiver who is a redzone monster who will see an unreal number of targets.

Pick: Davante Adams

Round 3: The Receiving RB

I’m going after a guy with a clear role that will be elite when he is on the field and will catch a high number of passes from a fresh QB.

Pick: Aaron Jones

Round 4: Unreal WR 3

Allen has WR 1 upside that we have to use as our flex WR. He has some injury history and is older, but as our 3 we can take the chance.

Picks: Keenan Allen

Round 5: Hot Stack

We have a chance to get a high volume QB with an incredible upside to stack with one of our receivers. Time to pull the trigger.

Pick: Justin Herbert

Round 6: TE Grab

We’re going to play it safe and take a TE who has chemistry with his QB and is tied to an Elite QB.

Pick: Dallas Goedert

Round 7-9: RB Run

I’m using these next three picks to get high upside backs who also have safe floors.

Pick: Khalil Herbert, Antonio Gibson, Ezekiel Elliott

Round 10: Tucker Time!

Jump on the best kicker in the league to get that competitive edge at another position!

Pick: Justin Tucker

Round 11-14: Build the Bench

It’s time to start stock piling depth. This area is where you should draft on a players opportunity share. There are a lot of talented guys, but if you don’t get the ball then what’s the point?

Picks: Kenneth Gainwell, Adam Thielen, Michael Gallup, Deuce Vaughn

Round 15: Draft your Week 1 DST

You’re going to stream defense all year, and you can because you’ll have time since the rest of your team is solid. Look at the Week 1 schedule and pick which teams are playing offenses that should be bad due to either a rookie QB or lack of play making options. The top options will be gone but you can get a team like the Commanders who have a good defense and are playing the Cardinals offense with their QB coming off a torn ACL and an offense in general disarray.

Pick: Washington Commanders

Congrats, you have a team ready to compete for a championship!

fantasy pros mock draft

1:08 Stefon Diggs

2:05 Davante Adams

3:08 Aaron Jones

4:05 Keenan Allen

5:08 Justin Herbert

6:05 Dallas Goedert

7:08 Khalil Herbert

8:05 Antonio Gibson

9:08 Ezekiel Elliott

10:05 Justin Tucker

11:08 Kenneth Gainwell

12:05 Adam Thielen

13:08 Michael Gallup

14:05 Deuce Vaughn

15:08 Washington Commanders

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