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GMR's Premium Picks for UFC Vegas 91

TheGMReports Sports Betting Picks

The UFC was off for a week and so was I, but we're back baby!! I'm honestly still riding the nearly ten unit winning high that was UFC 300 and I'm hoping Bobby and I stay hot for another card.

Figlak by Dec (+130)

   Vegas gave us the script already for this fight. The best price you can get on the Over 2.5 is -215. Figlak has skyrocketed as his -130 line at the time of recording has moved to -185 as he's collected 66% of the bets and 61% of the money. On Pikkit, Hubbard actually has over 75% of the bets but only 42% of the money. Bobby and I both see Figlak getting it done as Hubbard doesn't inspire much confidence. Vegas pays out nearly 2.4% more of their money if Hubbard wins, and they would take a loss on the fight. If you want to be on the side of Vegas thinking the "house always wins", then join us over on the Figlak side.

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