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December BIG Monthly Betting Review!

Updated: Jan 7

monthly sports betting recap

The following is a breakdown of the Bettor in Green’s performance for the month of December as a team and individuals. Each month’s article will feature this breakdown as well as the growth of the Bettor in Green community.


Green Team Total: 43-30-3 (.589)

Ben: 13-10-1

Ethan: 15-8-1

Wyatt: 14-9-1

Squad Rides: 1-3


Monthly Lesson: Bounce backs are our thing! After our first (and only) losing month of 2023, we all had winning records and an impressive monthly performance! The Squad Rides unfortunately drug down the monthly performance.


Ben’s Record: 13-10-1

NFL: 12-7-1

NHL: 1-0

Breakdown: Ben started off 9-2-1 but a 1-5 end to the month killed his month. We don’t include show records outside of Intentional Lounging and the lives (we may start in 2024) but if we did, Ben’s record would have been a cool 21-11-1, going 7-1 on Tapping Vegas in December as well as hitting his max play of the year in the Rahkmonov by sub.



Ethan’s Record: 15-8-1

NFL: 9-4-1

CBB: 2-1

NHL: 0-1

NBA: 2-1

Breakdown: Ethan had a blazing end to the year and captured his 2nd Host of the Month of 2023. He has led the spread picks in the NFL all season so it’s not surprising to see him crowned here. Ethan has lots in store for BIG in 2024 and will be the head honcho for us over on Sharpz moving forward!



Wyatt’s Record: 14-9-1

NFL: 11-6-1

NBA: 1-1

NHL: 0-1

Breakdown: Wyatt ends 2023 having secured 5 Host of the Month crowns, leading the crew and nearly had another. Wyatt shot out fire picks and videos all month and had a true MVP level of performance this month posting stand alone videos for every Bowl game in college football this season.



Bettor in Green November Community Growth:

YouTube Subscribers: 520 (+62)

YouTube Views: 33,900 (+11,000)

TikTok Followers: 839 (+28)

TikTok Views: 31,000 (-17,000)

Total November Views: 500,000


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