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October BIG Monthly Betting Review!

monthly betting review

The following is a breakdown of the Bettor in Green’s performance for the month of October as a team and individuals. Each month’s article will feature this breakdown as well as the growth of the Bettor in Green community.

Green Team Total: 40-40-1 (.500)

Ben: 13-13-1

Ethan: 13-14

Wyatt: 14-13

Monthly Lesson: Early NFL kicked our butts but we came back late.

Ben’s Record: 13-13-1

NFL: 13-13-1

Breakdown: Ben was able to stay at .500 after a horrific start to the month thanks to a 5-0-1 final week of October. Ben’s largest accomplishment this month was making a meme that generated 1.5 MILLION views and gained 800+ followers on Instagram!

Ethan’s Record: 13-14

NFL: 11-11

CFB: 0-1

NHL: 2-2

Breakdown: Ethan, like Ben, had a pretty even keeled month when all was said and done. Ethan finished the month on a 5-1 run and should carry that momentum into November.

Wyatt’s Record: 14-13

NFL: 11-12

MLB: 1-1

NBA: 1-0

NHL: 1-0

Breakdown: Wyatt gets the win for October being the only member of the team over .500. Wyatt absolutely earned this month by being the most accurate, launching Power 5 to a weekly show, writing articles, and helping edit and produce Intentional Lounging.

Bettor in Green March Community Growth:

YouTube Subscribers: 402 (+53)

YouTube Views: 23,100 (-13,100)

TikTok Followers: 755 (+384)

TikTok Views: 445,000 (-47,000)

Total August Views: 1,853,042 (*New Record*)

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