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Week 13 DFS Values of the Week

DFS Week 13 Values

Take advantage of the percentage a player is owned! The higher a player's exposure, the better you have to be at choosing other positions. Try to mix in different exposures to create your own unique lineup. Previous millionaire winners have a total ownership percentage of 100.56% each week, and the range between 75%-125% is recommended to increase your chances of winning.

QB: Sam Howell, $7500, 5% owned

The Commanders defense is giving up the most point per game in the league and now get to face the Dolphins. Howell is already leading the league in passing yards but the Commanders like running the ball with Robinson making him a risky season long start. With the Dolphins offense, I expect the Commanders to abandon the run early to try to keep pace. Howell has Top 3 QB upside this week and is at the price and owner % that makes me want to push all my chips to the middle.

RB: Antonio Gibson, $5300, 1.5% owned

I swear this is not a Commanders fan club article, there are just some good values here! Gibson is virtually free and unowned. Gibson will see a fair share of the receiving work out of the backfield. While he is far from a safe option, he's my favorite play among RBs/WRs in lineups looking for a dart throw player incredibly cheap.

WR: Cooper Kupp, $7100, 4.8% owned

Kupp is owned under 5% at $7100 due to the match up with the Browns. This is in the “Insanity Range” for Kupp. He is still an elite #1 target that you can get for cheap and I'm pouncing on the publics fade. The Broncos just put up nearly 30 on the Browns last week and with the QB concerns in Cleveland, the Rams may steal a few possessions of their own.

TE: Cade Otton, $5100, 2% owned

The Bucs are playing East Carolina High - School of the Blind, or the Panthers for short, this week in a divisional show down. Dig Bick Baker has been throwing it to Otton more as the season has progressed with a TE 3 performance back in Week 9. He hasn't scored since then but I expect him to get one in again this week. The price/ownership/opportunity or “POO” is the best with Otton if you decide to fade the big names at TE.

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