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Buy/Sell Fantasy Stocks: Week 4

fantasy football stock market

The waiver wire is a blast every week but nothing feels the same as pulling off a trade! Finding the right compensation can be tough and coming to an agreement is even harder. While we would all love to trade for Justin Jefferson, these articles are based around players that with the right compensation, are attainable. Each week throughout the season, I'll give you three buy and sell candidates.


Joe Burrow, QB

Burrow has two touchdowns through three games and has finished with under 10 points twice. His injury has lingered and there is a lot of concern associated with the Bengals QB now. That’s why it's the perfect time to buy. Chase, Higgins, and Boyd have failed to live up to their end of the bargain which is about to change. They have played the #1, #8, and #13 ranked defenses this season. The schedule opens up going forward. I’m making an aggressive move for Burrow if I'm in need of QB help as his price is at an all time low.

Christian Watson, WR

Hopefully you joined so you get alerted when an article is published as he plays tonight. (It’s free to join BTW). Love has looked excellent and Watson should be near or at 100% going forward as the Packers took a cautious approach with him. The super talented target hogs value is only going to increase after tonight. Buy the uncertainty of his return.

Jaylen Waddle, WR

Waddle has been injured, underperformed, and now Miami has a running game to be reckoned with. Why buy Waddle? Hill is going to pull all the double coverage and Waddles speed means he has big games coming. The running game is a mirage. Miami did not go from the 27th ranked rushing team last year to the top ranked this year. The Broncos are just bad. Waddle has a mountain of concerns, but those are nearly all circumstantial and you should buy the Waddle dip.

Honorable Mention: Cooper Kupp, Alvin Kamara


Raheem Mostert, RB

Mostert is going to be healthy for an entire season as a starter for the first time in his career when he is 31? Give me a BREAK! Mostert is a ticking time bomb for an injury and that is if he holds off rookie Achane for the season. He is coming off the best game he will have this season and we haven't seen his dip in opportunities yet as Achane is just starting to be worked in. This could be the last week you have to sell while you can.

Mike Evans, WR

Why would you sell a top 5 WR? Because he’s a top 5 WR and you can maximize your value on a return while he is at the top! Evans will be fine if you keep him but it will be hard to keep up this rate of scoring with Mayfield. Without his garbage time TD last week, he would have finished with a poor 8.4 points on 9 targets with 4 catches. I’m selling Evans when he is at the top.

Mark Andrews, TE

Come in, have a seat, we need to talk. I know this is going to be hard to hear. Especially since the TE pool is so bad. Andrews has been bad, he has only scored double digits twice since week 7 of last year. That’s behind guys like Waller, Higbee, Henry, Njoku, and (gag) Kmet. He also hasn’t seen double digit targets since then either. He has the same number of red zone targets as OBJ and Agholor this season and trails Flowers by 4! Another player has 1 TD on 1 redzone target this season, that's J.K. Dobbins who tore his achilles Week 1. It’s time to sell while he still has name value.

Honorable Mention: Quentin Johnston, Puka Nacua

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