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Buy/Sell Fantasy Stocks: Week 6

fantasy football stock market week 6

The waiver wire is a blast every week but nothing feels the same as pulling off a trade! Finding the right compensation can be tough and coming to an agreement is even harder. While we would all love to trade for Justin Jefferson, these articles are based around players that with the right compensation, are attainable. Each week throughout the season, I'll give you three buy and sell candidates.


D’Andre Swift, RB

Every week it gets harder and harder for the coaching staff to not let Swift run away with this backfield. Swift is averaging an insane 5.6 YPC and that isn’t on a small sample size, that’s on 75 carries! He is clearly the most dynamic runner on this team and the Eagles haven’t fed him less than 18 touches in a game since his breakout performance in Week 2.

Christian Watson, WR

Watson looked much healthier in this previous week and now gets a bye to continue to rehab and get back to full strength. Watson is the #1 target on the Packers and with Love’s recent struggles, teams below .500 may be looking to sell. He saw 7 targets last week and is too talented to not make a fantasy impact with the workload he is due to receive.

Devonta Smith, WR

I know I'm rehashing but this is still so relevant and after that dud last week, no better time to buy! Smith has yet to play less than 94% of the snaps in a game this season! HE NEVER COMES OFF THE FIELD!


Jonathan Taylor, RB

Taylor is set to see more action and that should hype up fantasy owners all over the world. The only issue? Moss has been REALLY good. I may say it every week but coaches don’t care about fantasy stats. The Colts will use Moss frequently, significantly capping his upside. I would sell on his name value and expected uptick in work before fans see how capped Taylor will be.

Justin Jefferson, WR

Sell potentially the #1 pick in your fantasy? Absolutely. Most people will want to buy him expecting that short 4 week IR stint. With the way the Vikings have been playing, they could be selling off pieces in the coming weeks including QB Kirk Cousins. With the Vikings being nearly out of playoff contention when he returns gives him and the team no reason to rush him back. They will make sure he is fully healthy before returning to action if they don’t choose to just shut him down for the year entirely.

DJ Moore, WR

Moore just had one of the best WR weeks of the season. Sell high on him if you can. The Bears offense is weak and he most likely already played his best games of the season. I don’t trust Fields or anybody in Chicago. I’m striking while the iron's hot and sending him away for max value.

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