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January BIG Monthly Betting Review!

monthly sports betting recap

The following is a breakdown of the Bettor in Green’s performance for the month of January as a team and individuals. Each month’s article will feature this breakdown as well as the growth of the Bettor in Green community.


Green Team Total: 27-36 (.428)

Ben: 8-13

Ethan: 8-13

Wyatt: 11-10

Squad Rides: 3-2


Monthly Lesson: We only had one losing month in all of 2023 but started off 2024 on the wrong foot. We were uncharacteristically bad in January and I doubt we have a month as bad as January was this year.


Ben’s Record: 8-13

NFL: 5-10

NHL: 1-3

UFC: 1-0

NBA: 1-0

Breakdown: The NFL playoffs surprised a lot of people this year and Ben was not immune. His picks on Tapping Vegas were money going 7-2 with a haymaker hit.


Ethan’s Record: 8-13

NFL: 5-10

CBB: 1-1

NHL: 0-2

NBA: 2-0

Breakdown: Ethan also fell into the NFL playoff trap. He is already heating up as he went a perfect 3-0 on the last episode of Getting Technical.


Wyatt’s Record: 11-10

NFL: 8-7

CBB: 2-1

NHL: 1-1

NBA: 0-1

Breakdown: Wyatt was the only one with a winning record in January. He was .500 or better in all sports but the NBA. Wyatt continues his monthly dominance with another crown worthy month.


Bettor in Green November Community Growth:

YouTube Subscribers: 536 (+16)

YouTube Views: 23,900 (-10,000)

TikTok Followers: 847 (+8)

TikTok Views: 1,400 (-29,600)

Total November Views: 244,600

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