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March BIG Monthly Betting Review!

monthly sports betting recap

The following is a breakdown of the Bettor in Green’s performance for the month of March as a team and individuals. Each month’s article will feature this breakdown as well as the growth of the Bettor in Green community.


Green Team Total: 48-36-1 (.571)

Ben: 19-17-1

Ethan: 18-9

Wyatt: 11-10

Show Breakdowns!

5 Minute Wager: 11-4

Droppin' Dimes: 8-4

Getting Technical: 7-5

Tapping Vegas: 19-26

Monthly Lesson: Outside of Football season, you need to be watching the shows and not just relying on the Monday picks. 5 Minute Wager was the best performing show in March and Tapping Vegas had it's worst month and it isn't even close. Ben and Bobby were able to hit some big plays to close out the month to finish in the green on the month.


Ben’s Record: 19-17-1

CBB: 0-2

NHL/5 Minute Wager: 7-8-1

UFC/Tapping Vegas: 11-9

NBA: 1-2

Breakdown: Ben had a frustrating month as it was always one step forward and one step back. He hit some major bets at plus money for Tapping Vegas and was 5-4 in hockey. Monday plays went poorly for Ben in March and was a pitiful 1-4 on basketball plays.


Ethan’s Record: 20-10

CBB/Getting Technical: 7-6

NHL/5 Minute Wager: 6-0

NBA/Droppin' Dimes: 7-4

Breakdown: Ethan wins back to back Host of the Month honors. Ethan was a perfect 6-0 on 5 Minute Wager in March. He killed it for Bettor in Green.


Wyatt’s Record: 13-11

CBB/Getting Technical: 4-4

NBA/Droppin' Dimes: 9-7

Breakdown: Wyatt did great on Droppin' Dimes going 5-1. Wyatt doesn't get as many picks due to having one less show but was still able to finish above .500 with the rest of the team!



Bettor in Green November Community Growth:

YouTube Subscribers: 635 (+72)

YouTube Views: 94,700 (+82,600)

TikTok Followers: 878 (-2)

TikTok Views: 27,000 (-125,000)

Total March Views: 203,000

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