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NFL & Fantasy Trivia Challenge

NFL Trivia

1. Who Am I? I had over 100 receptions, I finished first at my position, I averaged over 96 yards a game. Austin Ekeler

2. Over/Unger 50 TEs put in top 10 weeks. Over, 53

3. Which player set the record last season for the most receptions in a season without a TD? Diontae Johnson

4. Which QB ranks second behind Josh Allen in rushing TDs in the last 49 games @ 21? Jalen Hurts

5. Which player was drafted as the QB 31 yet finished at QB 5? Geno Smith

6. Who Am I? I was tied for the most sacked QB last season, I threw 5 more TD’s than interceptions, I was drafted as the QB7 last year. Russell Wilson

7. Over/Under 1 Rookie QB finished in the top 24 QBs. Under, 0

8. Who passed for the third most completions in a season in NFL history last season? Justin Herbert

9. Which two Rookies had over 1,000 rushing yards? Kenneth Walker III and Tyler Allgeier

10. Which receiver finished with the most points per game? Cooper Kupp

11. Who Am I? I converted the most extra points in the league last year yet still finished as the 21st kicker. I hit 87% of my FGs. Jake Elliott

12. Over/Under 5 receivers finished with over 1300 yards. Over, 7

13. The greatest individual performance last season was a 53.1 pt, 5 TD game by which skill position player? Joe Mixon

14. Which receiver had the most TD’s? Davante Adams

15. Which player accounted for 40% of his team’s total offensive yardage? Derrick Henry

16. Who Am I? I was a rookie last year, I tied for the most fumbles lost by a receiver, I averaged 6 points per game last year. Drake London

17. Over/Under 3 rookie WRs finished in the top 25 at their position? Under, Garrett Wilson/Chris Olave

18. What age is regarded as the RB cliff? 28

19. Which player led the league in rushing TD’s? Jamaal Williams

20. Which receiver led the league in red zone target %? DK Metcalf

21. Who am I? I was first in adjusted completion rate, 5th in rushing yards, and had the 10th most rushing first downs in all the NFL regardless of position. Daniel Jones

22. Which TE had the highest scoring individual game? TJ Hockenson

23. Which player played the 4th most snaps in the league, yet finished at WR 39 and averaged less than 10 points a game? Donovan Peoples-Jones

24. Over/Under 3 of the top 10 TEs were drafted outside of the top 10 at the position. Over, 4. Higbee, Kmet, Engram, Hill

25. Who had the highest scoring single game among QBs? Justin Fields

26. Which QB had the most top 5 finishes, finishing top 5 in 11/16 weeks? Josh Allen

Tiebreaker: Average rushing yards per game in NFL in 2022? 121 YPG


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