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NFL Preseason WK 1 Recap

It was an action-packed weekend full of football. I was so relieved that I didn't have to bet baseball and it was one of my favorite weekends of the summer! I can't wait till we actually have regular season games, AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!

According to the blog, the weekend ended slightly profitable with a 9-7 record. Personally, I did a little better and ended 12-4 on games I actually bet (I changed my mind on some of the games the closer we got to kickoff). But overall we made money, and I can't wait for Week 2!


Game: Texans/Patriots

Bet: o36.5

Game: Vikings/Seahawks

Bet: SEA -4.5

Game: Commanders/Browns

*Bet: WSH +3.5

Game: Giants/Lions

Bet: u35.5

Game: Steelers/Bucs

Bet: o39

Game: Falcons/Dolphins

Bet: ATL -2.5

Game: Packers/Bengals

Bet: GB -4.5

Game: Broncos/Cardinals

*Bet: u37

Game: Colts/Bills

*Bet: BUF +5.5

Game: Titans/Bears

Bet: u37.5

Game: Jets/Panthers

Bet: u37

Game: Jags/Cowboys

Bet: DAL +4

Game: Eagles/Ravens

*Bet: BAL -6

Game: Chargers/Rams

Bet: u33.5

Game: Chiefs/Saints

Bet: NO -3

Game: 49ers/Raiders

Bet: LV +4


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