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Ben's 7 Reactions to NFL Week 10

nfl reactions

7 Storylines from the NFL’s Week 10 action.

1. The Chiefs are the team to beat in the AFC.

The two Chiefs losses were to an exciting Detroit team without Kelce and Jones and to a team that hadn’t beat them in seven seasons. Every game is a revenge game for the Chiefs opponents it seems. We have a super bowl rematch, 13-seconds rematch, AFC championship rematch, and a Chargers rematch. They are entering the playoffs battle tested. With Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Buffalo losing this week, I trust KC more than any other team.

2. The NFC South doesn’t deserve a playoff team.

Delete this division. The Panthers lost to the terrible Bears. The Falcons lost to a terrible Cardinals team. The Saints lost to the Vikings with Dobbs making his first start. The Buccaneers continue to be my division favorites. But none of these teams are going to be worth anything in the playoffs.

3. The NFL needs to do a better job with picking prime time matchups.

The NFL NEEDED to flex out Jets/Raiders on Sunday night and they chose not to. Instead, we were forced to watch a GARBAGE FG fest. I turned it off at half time. The primetime games has become a bit of a meme but for one of the highest grossing leagues in the world, they should and need to do better for their fans.

4. Josh Dobbs deserves a shot to be a starting QB on a team to open next season.

Dobbs has straight balled all season and done well in pretty dire situations. Dobbs has earned a shot to start next season for a team that is in need of a QB. It could be the Patriots, the Packers, the Commanders, or he can wait a couple snaps and start for the Jets.

5. The Jaguars are in danger of losing their playoff spot to Houston.

The Jags haven’t been as dominant this season and that could be a problem with how well Houston has been playing. Houston currently owns the tiebreaker against them as well. The Jags need to figure things out quickly. The Texans rematch is in two weeks.

6. The Titans are finishing in last place in the league next season.

The fact that the Titans have won 3 games this season is astounding to me. This team is so old that the only upside is that they can save money by bulk ordering their dentures and pudding cups. Hopkins and Henry will further decline into shells of themselves and with the division on the rise, the Titans are set to return to their P.M. (Pre-Mariota) days.

7. The Lions will reach the Superbowl in the next 6 years.

SHUT UP IT’S HAPPENING! The Lions are well coached and they have been absolutely stock piling young talent across the board. The NFC is in flux and has a severe lack of QB talent. The Eagles, Cowboys, and 49ers  will be their main competition but in a one game series, they could beat any of these teams. By 2030, either Ethan and Wyatt or some kids in Africa will be sporting Lions super bowl t-shirts.

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