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Ben's 7 Reactions to NFL Week 8

NFL Week 8 Reactions

7 Storylines from the NFL’s Week 8 action.

1. I say this every year, the Raiders are close to a complete rebuild.

The Raiders defense and offense scored the same number of TDs. Garbagallo threw for under 130 yds with Adams only hauling in one reception. The coaching is terrible, the execution is terrible, and the Raiders just continue to circle the drain of failure never making the playoffs and never drafting high enough to turn the team around. Without Crosby, this team has no hope.

2. Whatever the line is next time, take KC spread vs Denver.

After 8 long years of losing to the Chiefs, the Broncos finally won and you would think they won the Super Bowl. I don’t blame them though. The last 3 or so years all I hear every offseason is how bad they want to beat the Chiefs. Typical stuff you hear from teams that aren’t in playoff contention. The Broncos were a Skyy Moore catch and Mecole Hardman fair catch away from the same storyline next offseason. After the Raiders beat the Chiefs and took a victory lap around the stadium, they have been pulverized 185-96 in the 5 games since.

3. The Browns have an Elite defense but not an Elite team.

Even with Watson, this offense has been struggling and the Chubb injury has sunk them. They have beat some really good teams but then struggled against the Colts and lost to the Seahawks. Any bet on Cleveland to win the Super Bowl is a free donation to the books. If the Browns win the Super Bowl, I'm shaving my head. Hell, I may even just full on scalp myself.

4. Neither Stroud nor Young will have long successful careers.

I think both will have their moments but they aren’t here to stay. They are the Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota of this year's draft where they will play out their contract but never do enough to win that second contract where a team fully commits to them. They would be lucky to have Andy Dalton level careers.

5. Canada and the Steelers offense are both done.

It isn’t acceptable to be this bad in the NFL, let alone on a historic team like the Steelers. The defense is great but the offense makes it nearly impossible for them to win. In 4 of the 7 games they have played, they scored 10 points or less. Canada is gone after this season as they have too many pieces to play this poorly.

6. The Bills are not good this season.

If multiple Bills don’t pull the most egregious PI against Evans or Godwin turns around a hair sooner the Bills lose to the Bucs at home. They again were gifted a no call PI in the Giants game to win by 5. Again that was against the dog water Giants. They lost to the Patriots who made the Saints look like the 85 Bears. They have so many injuries and Allen's poor play has them playing with a margin of victory as fine as a frog's hair.

7. The Vikings nightmare season comes to an end.

Yes there are still 10 weeks left, but it’s Cabo time for our friends up north. They have been battling injuries all season with Jefferson going down and now Cousins is out for the year. They don’t have the defense that can help them out in tough games. They also don’t have the running game since both Mattison and Akers were diagnosed as Mid and told that the “dog” inside of them had passed.

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