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Ben's 7 Reactions to NFL Week 5

nfl week 5 recap

7 Storylines from the NFL’s Week 5 action.

1. The Bills aren’t elite.

While they beat an impressive Dolphins team and tend to bully bad teams, they are too inconsistent to trust on any level. Allen makes too many mistakes and coaching can be questionable at times. Travel isn’t an excuse when you’re supposed to be one of the top teams in the league.

2. The 49ers are on another level.

Brock Purdy is for real. This defense is even better. The coaching is some of the best in the league. The regular season is just the warm up for a deep super bowl run for this team. With the depth that they have, they are so far ahead of every other team in the league that they borderline need to be nerfed.

3. The Lions are winning the NFC North by Week 14.

The Lions are better than the other NFC North teams and it was evident by a Green Bay beatdown at Lambeau. The Vikings are now set to miss Jefferson for a few games and could be out of playoff contention mid season. The Lions will be the 3rd seed in the NFC.

4. Retiring or not, this is Bills last season with the Pats.

I think he retires; but after back to back 30 point losses with one being a 34-0 loss at home to the mid Saints, Belichick is gone. The writing has been on the wall as Kraft is ready to move on and now he has a clear reason to. Bill has been phased out of the game like pocket quarterbacks.

5. The Broncos will be even worse than last season.

I don’t understand it. I thought they would be better but this team is already selling off pieces and looks to be on the verge of a full collapse. They fumbled three times last week and with the start they have had, look to have already started waving the white flag on the season.

6. Daniel Jones' neck injury is a blessing for him.

Not joking. This team and offensive line are so trash that QBs for the Giants should file lawsuits for having to work in an unsafe environment. He won’t rack up stats, get wins, or make a playoff push. The best thing possible for Jones is to sit on the sidelines and collect his paycheck until next season.

7. The Commanders need to clean up their roster.

The Commanders line and defense is stacked yet they got blown out by the worst team in football at home. That is unacceptable. They allowed 40 pts, had no takeaways, and only had 3 sacks. It’s time to start selling off some of these defensive lineman and retooling this roster because that was a pitiful performance.

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