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I knew today was special! Not because it is Halloween, but because our beloved MACtion football returns tonight! Say goodbye to the Conference USA midweek football games! We have actual football from a conference that respects the sport and resides in God's Land (the Midwest). If you're not as excited as I am, just you wait until you see this beautiful display of football tonight!

What is MACtion?

Before the C-USA ruined midweek football, the MAC (Mid-American conference) used to be the only conference that played on Tuesday's and Wednesdays. We treated the start of MACtion as a national holiday because it meant we have football 7 days a week, every week, until the end of the season.

It was a beautiful holiday where we all rejoiced, and our wives all cried with sorrow because our Tuesday and Wednesday date nights are now cancelled to watch an extremely unimportant football game.

The sooner you know this, the better it is going to be for your bankroll. The MAC is one of the funniest conferences in the country. They play an interesting style of football, which is hardnosed one day, and then gunslinging USC bullshit another day.

This makes these games very fun to watch because you have no idea what you're going to get, which also makes betting them almost impossible. So if anyone tells you they have a MACtion lock, just know they are as clueless as you are.

With that being said, lets get into tonight's locks! 🔒🔒🔒


NIU (4-4) travels to CMU (4-4) at 7pm tonight. NIU is a 5.5 point favorite, and the total is set at 45.5.

These teams may have the same record, but it is clear that NIU is the better team. They are 3-1 in the conference, placing them 2nd in the west. Their only conference loss came to Toledo by 2 points, who is the best team in the league. They beat up on Akron 55-14 and then played tight games against Ohio (23-13) and against EMU (20-13).

CMU is 3rd in the west with a 2-2 conference record. CMU squeaked by EMU 26-23, and then lost bad to Buffalo. They then beat Akron 17-10 before falling to Ball State 24-17.

This game is screaming to take the under at 45.5 since both teams have had low scoring games their last two contests, but is that too easy to take??

Both teams do not have much going offensively, and NIU has a solid Defense. CMU's lacks a strong secondary, but NIU's QB (Lombardi) does not scare me one bit. So although it is a little obvious, we have to take the Under of 45.5 in this game!

NIU should get the job done, and I have a feeling they win by exactly 7 points.

Bet: u45.5

Lean: NIU -5.5


Buffalo (3-5) travels to Toledo (7-1). Toledo is a 15 point favorite at home and the total is at 50.5.

Toledo is probably the best team in this conference after beating the other contender (Miami-OH) last week. Toledo is 2 points away from being undefeated after they lost to Illinois 28-30 in their season opener. Since then, the Rockets have been on a mission!

They beat WMU in a super high scoring game, won a nail-bitter against NIU, murdered UMass, and then squeaked by Ball State and Miami. They are now back at home after a 3 game away trip.

Buffalo is a difficult team to predict. They either play teams close in a low scoring game, or play teams close in a shootout. It seems they play to their opponents level. Against teams like Kent State, Akron, and Bowling Green, they are low scoring affairs, but as soon as they play teams with some offensive firepower, like Liberty and ULL, they too score points and keep it competitive.

Toledo has done very well at home this year, and are scoring a lot more compared to when they play on the road, so both the over and Toledo -15 are appetizing to me. Toledo's remaining schedule is pretty easy, and I am a little worried how they are going to respond after an extremely emotional win last Saturday.

Instead of trusting my gut, I am going to go with an ugly play here and take Buffalo with the points. Toledo has played all their tough opponents and can coast to a conference championship game. Buffalo has nothing to lose and is notorious for playing in competitive games.

Bet: BUFF +15

Lean: o50.5

Good luck as always if tailing!


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