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Sam Houston/FIU Best Bet

We have the oddest, weirdest, ugliest, whatever you want to call it, line of the week in tonight's Sam Houston/FIU game. Sam Houston, despite being winless, with no offense to speak of, is a 5.5 point favorite at home tonight against the 3-4 FIU Panthers.

Now FIU is not a great team. One could say they're awful, and the three teams they beat are also terrible (Maine, North Texas, and UConn), but at least they've won games. That is something that the Bearkats of Sam Houston can't say.

The argument most likely for Sam Houston being such a big favorite in this game is that they have a solid defense, played a tough schedule, and played some close games. I understand the argument a little bit. Sam Houston played both BYU and Air Force close, losing 14-0 and 13-3. After those well-fought games, SHSU then got blown out by Houston, blew a lead to JKST and lost in OT, battled with Liberty, and then lost bad to New Mexico State.

Playing teams tough is commendable, but at the end of the game, you have to win games, and the fact of the matter is that they just haven't been able to do that. To me, they did nothing to deserve being a 5 point favorite in this game. I was expecting a pick'em, maybe SHSU would be the slight favorite, but 5.5 points is disgusting.

And this brings us to the bet. Whenever we see something that seems so far wrong and makes absolutely no sense, we take that side. Anyone with a brain would pick FIU, and you would either have to be high or puke while placing it to pick SHSU....

So I just got back from the bathroom, and unloaded on the Bearkats!


Good luck if tailing. If you have faded all of these mid-week football plays, you would be a very profitable man. I am currently sitting at 0-11-1 on midweek college football plays on here. That is actually impressive and I'm not even mad.


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